Do you see a move to Utah in your future? Are you wondering where the best place to live in Utah is? When searching for somewhere to live in Utah, you’ll want to consider a few different factors. 

What’s most important is to know what your must-haves are about a neighborhood. For example, are you a single person looking for a perfect balance of work and social life? Are you moving as a retired couple looking for the peace and quiet a small town has to offer? 

Or, are you moving as a family in search of a family-friendly environment? Keep these factors in mind and continue reading below. You’ll find several of the top places to live in Utah in this guide. 

1. Payson

Payson, Utah is a section of the Provo-Orem Metropolitan Statistical area. The city is famous for its historical downtown area. The city isn’t too big but still offers everything you need to live daily life. 

The neighborhoods here are nice and located in a beautiful environment. The schools here are wonderful, making this quiet small town a great place to raise children as well. A quick online search for new homes near me in this area will lead you to several amazing communities to choose from. 

2. Mapleton

Ten miles southeast of Provo is Mapleton. More than half of the land in Mapleton is undeveloped, but the community is warm and welcoming. It’s also a great place for those who love a bit of celebration from time to time. 

For example, the Pioneer Day celebration that happens during the summer is full of fun, smiles, food, and fireworks! Mapleton is also one of the safest cities in Utah to live in. 

3. Farmington

Between Salt Lake City and Ogden lies Farmington. It comes in with a great education score, making it another awesome place to raise a family. Here, you’ll find an amusement park complete with a water park (Lagoon Amusement Park), and an outdoor mall (Station Park) with many shopping and dining options. 

The poverty and unemployment rate here is low as well. 

4. Logan

Utah State University is located here, in Logan. This city has lots of small-town charm and is located between several mountain ranges. It offers an affordable place to live for many, especially college graduates who decide to stay.

If you enjoy outdoor sports, then Logan is a great option for you. Here, you can enjoy water sports, hiking, and snow sports. This small town is about a 90-minute drive away from Salt Lake City. 

5. Park City

Park City is located in Summit County and is bordered by two resorts in the area. There are some amazing ski slopes here if that’s your thing. This city has a small community feel to it while still providing big adventures. 

It’s also a historic mining town with great dining selections. 

Knowing Where to Live in Utah Is a Game Changer

Not sure where to live in Utah?

If you know a few great places to live in Utah before you plan your move, then you can find a city that’s right for you. Use the helpful information given in this guide above to help you prepare for your move to Utah!  For more homes, travel, and other topics, check back here on a regular basis.