As the 2021 heat waves take their toll across the country and globe, Americans depend more and more on their air conditioners to keep things tolerable. It’s just about comfort. In heat extremes, poor temperature control ups your risks for heat-related health problems like heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

Of course, heavy use of your air conditioner can bring on another problem: a loud air conditioner. While you accept some noise as the price of cooling, air conditioner noises can become disruptively loud and interfere with everything from basic conversations to hearing people on the phone.

If you’re dealing with loud air conditioner noises, keep reading for some steps you can take to bring the noise to heel.

Schedule an Inspection

There are plenty of air conditioner noises that do not mean there is a problem. There are some sounds that should make you take notice, such as:
These noises often signal mechanical problems with the compressor, motor, or even the fan blades. An inspection by an HVAC company, such as Larsen HVAC, can identify the noise and cause. They can also help you arrange an AC repair if necessary.

Noise Blankets

A noise blanket or sound blanket goes around the compressor on your AC unit, as that is the source of the loudest air conditioner sounds in most cases. The blanket dampens the sound and keeps the decibel levels to a more manageable level. Not only will spare you the noise inside your home but also help limit noise for your neighbors.


Plants act as natural sound mufflers. Consider how much quieter it sounds when you go into a densely wooded area, for example. You can apply the same principle with your AC unit.

Planting shrubs near the unit will help absorb some of the sounds and muffle common AC noises.


Another common strategy for dealing with AC noises is erecting fencing around the unit. The fencing does a similar job as shrubs or plants will in muffling the sounds from the unit. Make sure you leave some room around the unit so it has proper airflow and ventilation.

Replace the Unit

If all other strategies fail or the unit is simply aging into the end of its working life, you can replace the unit. A new unit will typically make less noise and newer models typically have a smaller sonic footprint.

Dealing with Your Loud Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is an often necessary feature in any home with heat waves assaulting the nation. Unfortunately, a loud air conditioner can prove a major headache for your and your neighbors.

The good news is that you have several options for managing the noise. If you suspect a mechanical problem, you can call a professional HVAC company for repair or replacement. If the unit is simply loud, you can turn to sound blankets, plants, or fencing.

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