Running a B2B eCommerce business is more complex than any other eCommerce channel. Its complexities lie in the facts on involving a lot of tracking processes for different suppliers and consumers, and this cannot be avoided as it is the most valuable connection between manufacturers and end consumers. It is why these complexities need to be matched by an automated platform in the form of Wholesale Software

What is Wholesale Software?

Wholesale Software or the Wholesale Distribution Software is a complete solution that enables important business processes like shipping, managing finances, and its management, manufacturing, and CRM (customer relationship management) integrated into a common package and every data can be shared. This further allows businesses to automate workflows and swifter operations.

This software enables wholesalers and wholesale distributors to drive newer revenue resources, cut costs, and differentiates between businesses by simplifying the entire processes and supporting new business models and specified customer services.

Why wholesale software is necessary?

To move forward with agility and speed, wholesale distributors have always been in the need of an end-to-end solution for an intelligent enterprise. The wholesale software is an aid that is helping distributors to manage expectations, simplify their business structure, standardize all business processes, get support, and optimize continuous innovations in business.

The distribution software is a boon for distribution companies to enable value-added business models, solutions, and valuable processes that are delivering a huge impact. The major benefits that have been derived by businesses using wholesale software are faster deployment cycles, higher standards, accelerated decision making, and a solid future-proof foundation.

Some of the key features of the wholesale software are:

  • Better inventory management and across multiple warehouse locations.
  • Pick, pack and ship tracking facilities.
  • Accounting.
  • Order entry and invoicing.
  • Devise purchase orders automatically.
  • Reporting – Financial Reports, Sales Reports, Dashboards, etc.
  • Customer Relationship Management and Contact Management.
  • Multi-company control.
  • Batch tracking.
  • Managing B2B online order portal.
  • Marketplace integration.

Manage many other critical business processes with distribution software:

  • HR (Human Resources): The simple is the HR process the better are your business results, empowering the workforce and deploying their talent in the right channel.
  • Finance: Better finance processes means automated, real-time analytics, and transformation into forward-looking business across the entire organization.
  • Analytics: With the distribution, software take advantage of the in-depth data analysis, predictions, and many complex events. Combine data from a variety of sources into one integrated platform.
  • Data Management and Database: Use the latest technological advancement in business like could technology, mobile interface, and integrated platforms. Manage all your data in one place and create a strong database for continuous growth.
  • Integration and Application Development: Make use of the high-voltage, intelligent and critical software and integrate it as per your business needs, make use of its application and business technologies for maximum gains.

With the best distribution software monitor, manage and control various facets of your business with complete visibility over your operations, from supply chain to the financial, warehouse, and inventory management.