MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading platform for a lot of reasons. It is one of the most comprehensive trading platforms available, with several features, indicators, and other tools.

However, the MT4 was not produced in this manner and was not immediately popular. It began as a simple charting program in 2000 and has gradually expanded over time. The MetaTrader4 was first released in 2005, and while it was quite similar to the version we use today, numerous improvements and new features and indications have been added since then.

Free to Use

In many ways, MT4 is superior to any other platform, yet there are other platforms that try to compete with it. MT4 will always be preferred above others because it is free to use. You can use the money to trade, rather than pay for a trading platform.

Numerous features

When the MetaTrader4 platform was initially released in 2005, one of the primary reasons for its success was the sheer amount of capabilities it offered. The following were some of the major characteristics that made trading and market analysis simple:

  • Easy to use charts and can view multiple charts
  • Navigator window
  • A lot of indicators pre-installed
  • Can execute automatic trading
  • Pepperstone market terminal

Those characteristics are now considered an industry standard, although at the time, there was no competition and other platforms lacked the major functionality that the MT4 provided. MetaTrader continuously improved its services adding new features that traders suggested.

Easy of Use

When traders go live, their primary goal should be to outperform the market and make a profit. Winning each day is difficult enough, and adding a sophisticated trading platform to the mix would make matters considerably more difficult. As a result, it is critical to simplify the trading platform. As previously said, MT4 includes all of the tools and indications you want, but it is also simple to use and navigate. On the left are the symbols and rates, on the right are the charts, and at the top of the platform are the indicators and other features. The ability to trade and customize with a single click has made it even more user-friendly.

MQL4 Programming Language Is Simple To Use.

The MT4 platform’s programming language is extremely significant. It has made the creation and implementation of trading robots and Expert Advisors (EA) indicators relatively simple for traders, programmers, and third-party players.

Aside from EAs and indicators, traders have also created scripts that may do certain tasks. Taking screenshots of only a tiny portion of the chart, including the indication, or scripts that remove all the indicators of the chart are some of the examples.

It’s Very Convenient

A trading platform must be user-friendly. The MT4 provides it in a variety of ways, but the most essential are as follows:

Stability of the server – The MT4 server is far more sophisticated than the rest of the competitors. It can handle tens of thousands of deals at once with minimal downtime.

Minimal resources – The MT4 requires very little of your computer’s resources to perform well. Also, it can function normally even if you have weak internet.

Security –  The MT4’s security is virtually flawless. It was updated from earlier versions to avoid DoS attacks and uses a 128-bit key to link both ends.