There is absolutely no reason to keep the Dubai experience off of your list. The dhow cruise Dubai Marina has always remained as one of the tops attractions in Dubai not only among the tourists but also among the people staying in Dubai. Whether it is a special day of your life or you want to surprise someone special, the dhow cruise is the perfect option for such instances. Why is it so? Here are some of the significant reasons. 

Why Should You Visit Dubai Marina?

Taking a dhow dinner cruise is one of the top highlights of Dubai Marina. In the 90’s many of the larger vessels were refurbished as well as converted into floating restaurants. It is what kick started the tourism craze of dinner cruising.

Dubai Marina, an artificial canal city, is built along a two-mile (3 km) stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline. The place is a hub of modern culture, with hotels, restaurants, luxury shopping, and craft markets that line a waterside promenade walk.

Upscale yachts cruise through, and on top of taking an authentic dhow dinner cruise, you can choose from activities that range from jet-skiing to skydiving, or visiting golf courses or waterparks.

As the canals are man-made, there have been several instances of marine wildlife (especially whales and sharks) entering the marina, because of its proximity to the open sea.

There are over 30 dhow boats within Dubai Creek (the old part of town), Dubai Marina offers a much more intimate experience, with only 8 dhow boats that float through the marina.

The Dinner Cruise Experience

The overall dhow cruise experience from Dubai Marina includes your dinner with evening entertainment. Each company has various offerings, so it’s essential to choose a package based on what type of experience you desire.

Originally, belly dancing was considered common form of cruise entertainment, though the Dubai Government has been replacing this with ‘Tanura’ – a traditionally Turkish dance. This dance is usually performed by a male dancer spinning in a flowing and elaborately decorated dress by creating an interesting sight.

Typically, upon boarding you will be presented with services such as juices, a mouthwatering buffet, soft music and other types of entertainment.

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Sightseeing at its Best

You must have visited around Dubai in order to check out the skyscrapers as well as other architectural beauty of the place. Although you might have explored Dubai from the sky with a helicopter ride. However, nothing can match up the serenity that you feel while gaze up at the Dubai lights from a vessel sailing the ocean. Choose your dhow cruise depending upon the attractions that it will cross so that you experience the beauty of the place along with the attraction spots. 

Great Food

If you want to enjoy the best food with a different experience, Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is definitely one of the answers for you. It is something different than the dining experience that you have in the luxurious restaurants in Dubai. Check through the wide range of options at the buffet set-up of the cruise. Whether you are looking up for appetizers or desserts, you will be surprised by the verities of cruise displays.

Moreover, you can also choose your dhow cruise depending upon the cuisine served on board. Most of the dhow cruises offer you multi cuisine meals to enjoy your food to the utmost.

Enjoy Culture

Apart from the mesmerizing view and great food, there are also arrangements for your enjoyment on the cruise. Enjoy the local music with some other cultural art forms that are being performed on the cruise. If you are new to Dubai, you can get the feel of the local culture at the dhow cruise options. Whether you are here for vacation or for any other purpose, exploring the dhow cruise Dubai Marina is something that you must go for.

Have a Great Time

Have you arrived on board with your special person and want to spend some time with him or her? The cozy environment as well as the comfortable setup are best for you to spend an evening worth remembering. You can also arrange for a get together with your friends and family on the dhow cruise and spend some cherishable moment. 

There can be multiple reasons why you should have a trip on the dhow cruise. The features and the facilities are such that it is going to offer you an experience that you will have in your mind for a pretty long time.