WordPress is one amazing open source blogging platform thats largely used to publish blogs or produce beautiful websites. First released in May, 2003 by Matt Mullenweng, it is built on PHP language and reinforced by the MySQL database. These days, it has developed to become a fully capable CMS platform. This makes it the best global platform for implementing online business. In the current scenario, its the most needed platform for all online businesses. Several varying useful and advanced features make it the easiest and best platform to use the world over. The features include;

  • Open source platform:WordPress is built on an open source blogging platform. Specifically, it is completely free to use. This is probably its best feature as its one of the qualities that lead to decisions concerning the development of a blog or customized website.
  • Available themes and plug-ins:WordPress features a vast number of themes and plug-in options which differentiate it from other platforms. Plug-ins, are quite vital since they help in customizing your website or blog. Additionally, themes are also quite vital as they decide the appearance and navigation of websites and blogs.
  • Low cost:WordPress needs little to no setup costs to get it up and running. You only need to pay the cost of registering a domain name, webhosting, and another small cost to get a customized theme since that is what will reflect your unique brand. In fact you can even get a free a WordPress website tutorial online if you are novice and considering where to begin.
  • User friendly:WordPress is really quite easy to use. You do not need to be an expert to learn it. It features a dashboard and various in-built features that help you do a lot of varying and interesting things such as embedding an audio, image galleries, and video in your content or posts. You could also add varying widgets, stylish plug-ins, or other interactive tools to your blogs. Additionally, WordPress has developed several varying advanced features such as content management system, mailing lists, discussion groups, multi-user sites, newsletter services, and shopping cart features.
  • Social interaction:WordPress offers a social interaction feature. And this is probably its most advanced feature. As for implementing businesses online, blogs and websites are certainly the only available mediums for interacting with clients, and WordPress executes this task with help from cross-blog communication tools, complete user registration, and comment plug-ins.
  • SEO friendly:WordPress features several varying built-in features that are consistent with search engines standards. This makes it the most SEO friendly platform any webmaster can use. Search engines generally love websites built on WordPress as they are constantly updated and with help from various plug-ins, they always get the maximum exposure to search engines thats possible.

In addition to these mentioned features, easy installation, updating, spam protection, extensibility and flexibility, high security, and bookmark-lets are some other vital features that have raised the praise WordPress gets. In fact, there are even some effective free WordPress setup services you will find online. All these features make the platform your best option when considering taking your business online.