Chicago is a city of winds and skyscrapers. It overwhelms the visitor with its unique atmosphere of freedom. Its history is full of joyful events and tragedies, its architecture is unique, and its culture is as cosmopolitan as possible. Here they know how to preserve the heritage and are not afraid of innovations. 

The city’s botanical gardens and parks are among the finest in the world. What to visit in Chicago first? To be witnessed once in a lifetime, pack your bag and book air canada reservations online and save around 30% off on all flights to Chicago. Book now and get ready to start exploring. This review will help you navigate a difficult choice.

Buckingham fountain

One of the largest fountains in the world is located in the heart of Grant Park. It is made of pink marble and resembles a tiered wedding cake in shape. The diameter of the main pool is 84 m, and the height of the central jet (one of 134) can reach 46 m in height. The fountain use to be open from April to October. Into the evening, a light show uses to serve as an additional decoration.

Fountain Crown

The authorship of this original work of art belongs to the Spanish artist JaumePlensa. Moreover, it is installed in Millennium Park and is named after the family that sponsored its construction. When choosing what to see in Chicago, take the time to see this exclusive video sculpture. However, the fountain happens to be a black granite pool with two identical glass brick towers erected at opposite ends. On their surface, with the help of LEDs, digital video is broadcast. Also, most often – the faces of city residents.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Within the walls of this museum is one of the largest collections of national contemporary art. Moreover, it often hosts large exhibitions and film screenings. After interesting excursions, visitors also can always enjoy delicious food in the museum restaurant or dine in the picturesque sculpture garden. However, a must-see is the gift shop that boasts the city’s best selection of quirky trinkets.

Cinema Music box

For true moviegoers who skip trendy Hollywood blockbusters in favor of art-house films and documentaries, there is no better movie theater than Music Box. This state-of-the-art dual-screen cinema showcases independent films and foreign films all year round. The magnificent main hall of the cinema often hosts midnight screenings of movie classics. In addition, only here do they offer popcorn with real butter.

Naval pier

This tourist-favorite location has it all: shops, eateries, an IMAX cinema, and an abundance of sightseeing boat tours. In the park, on the pier, there is a 45-meter-high Ferris wheel, an old carousel, and an 18-hole mini-golf course. In addition, you should look into the children’s museum and enjoy the show on the Family Pavilion Stage, where the entertainment program is constantly changing. This park is constantly boiling with life, regardless of the season and weather.

Things to do & Activities You Should Try

Street fast food

It is not a Chicago invention, and you cannot buy anything “branded” on the street, but you can get poisoned with no less probability than Belyashi at the Kazan station. In Chicago, you need to eat in small cafes and restaurants, where prices are not much higher than those of street hot dog vendors.

Local cuisine

If you want to try the local cuisine, you should not buy analogs of English fish and chips, standard donuts, and hamburgers. There are a lot of them in Chicago, but what’s the point of going here to make amends with what handymen and blue-collar workers eat for lunch all over America? You can choke on overdried cod with fries anywhere in the United States.

Budapest Festival Orchestra performance

The famous Budapest Festival Orchestra will perform at the Symphony Center under the direction of the Hungarian conductor and composer Ivan Fischer. The orchestra will present a program consisting entirely of works by Beethoven, including his famous Fifth Symphony and Second Piano Concerto, as part of the Symphony Center’s Piano Concerto cycle in the 2016/17 season.

Chicago Auto Show Car

Lovers and fast driving lovers, here is your chance to find out what’s new in the world of motor transport. At this annual exhibition, you can see about a thousand models of various iron horses, accessories, attend themed events such as vehicle competitions or car collectors.

Orchid Exhibition at the Chicago Botanic Gardens

Escape the winter angst inside the Regenstein Center at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, where greenhouses and galleries are filled with over 10,000 blooming orchids and their delightful hybrids. On weekends, exhibitors can also purchase plants from the Orchid Marketplace.


Chicago is almost officially known as “the second city”. It is also the third most inhabited in the United States after Los Angeles and New York. And it is that New York takes the fame. But Chicago, more discreetly and now that nobody hears us, equals it, even is the improvement in cleanliness and the air of a big city, much more careful. As we said that, plan your trip with Airlines Vacations and make sure you visit each of these places from the above-mentioned list to get the real taste of city life.