Things that are as built-up and anticipated as a proposal are quite few; rings such as a coffin ring and so on. But what happens if the engagement ring you got did not turn out to be what you were expecting? Worse yet, what if you dislike it because it appears ugly to you?  This article offers the five foremost things you can do about such rings.

Refrain and take a really deep breath

The efforts of your man deserve to be appreciated, even if not as wholehearted as both of you might have desired it to be. Voicing your opinion about the ring is surely your right but whereas, you can share your thoughts. However, there’s a time and place for such a delicate dialogue and, certainly, it’s not at that place and time that he just proposed. As challenging as it could be to visualize, he has waited anxiously for this specific moment to come just as much, if not even more than, you.

Reveal it softly then hint on

After allowing the proposal to smoothly go on and giving the disliked ring the chance to probably grow on you, try and establish the right time to reveal the truth. Remember to begin by saying that he means the whole world to you and that every other thing is secondary. Then add that you understand that when he ordered the engagement rings, such as coffin rings online, they were such a huge expense and, are meant to remain with you eternally. Then go on to add that for such reasons, you feel it’s only fair to involve him in your thoughts about the rings.

Utilize the ring

Remember, you might have viewed only the gorgeous images of rings belonging celebrities all through your entire life, but they are not usual rings for ninety-nine percent of women around the world. If you have eventually realized that the ring you were given is the one you probably might have to keep, do not lose hope at all. There are several and varying things you could implement to enhance the ring so you can like it a bit more and probably be much happier with it.

Alter the settings

Sometimes, adding gemstones, or maybe just switching them, is insufficient in fixing the problem. In certain cases, you have to change the entire setting to turn the ring into one you desire. Though fixing this issue is a bit trickier, it can surely become understandable. You can switch his chosen setting to something else.

It’s only a symbol

Whether these tips are possible and realistic or not, or whether or not they have improved your situation, never forget that as beautiful and meaningful as an engagement ring might be, it remains a ring and only a symbol. It’s no reason to fight or argue, and really, mustn’t cause your financial scuffles. It isn’t even close to what you wanted yes, but remember your ‘chosen’ chose it specifically for you.

Life’s way more than any romantic comedy. If your engagement ring ends up not being the coffin ring or any non-traditional ring you desired, it isn’t the end of the world.