The moment your man proposes to you for the wedding, all that you can think of is the wedding dress of your dreams. Of course, you get overwhelmed with the effort that your better half makes to make you feel so special, but the thought of wedding dresses keep you engaged like nothing else.

With the current scenario and weddings that are taking place in 2021, the idea of going out to different bridal dress showrooms has evaporated. The physical wedding dresses might have vanished but the confusions tend to remain exactly the same. You are still asked to decide the shape of the wedding gown or silhouette that you would prefer wearing on your big day. Though you might already have everything planned in your mind about how you actually want to look on your big day, there are chances that the changing fashion trends may bring a twist in your plan. In order to lessen your confusion about wedding dresses and bridal attires, here are the top six types of wedding dresses that every bride should consider while shopping for her wedding day.

Ball Gowns

Getting started with the fairy tale gowns aka ball gowns for all the princesses out there. Who doesn’t like looking like a princess at her wedding, every woman does. In order to give your fairy tale moment a better feel, one of the most desirable options that you should consider is a ball gown. Out of all wedding dresses in the world, ball gowns are one of the most classic attires that a woman can ever wear. With a fitted bodice and a wide skirt that is made of layers of tulle, one can instantly get the Cinderella effect on her big day. And not just Cindrella effect but these bridal gowns also give rise to the best silhouette.

Mermaid Dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses are considered one of the most flirtatious silhouettes for the birdies. These dresses generally come with off shoulder patterns and are fitted at the bust, waist and hips, similar to that of a shapewear. So if you crave for the perfect hourglass figure on your wedding day then look no further, wedding dresses like these are made for you. You get to enhance your natural curves and get an illusion of the picture perfect or naturally slim look only because of the shape that these bridal dresses have. With a mermaid dress on, there are chances that your legs won’t be free, but the dress surely guarantees you a red carpet look.

Trumpet Dresses

Next up on the list of affordable, comfortable and cheap wedding dresses are the trumpet wedding dresses. There are chances that you may find the shape of a trumpet dress similar to that of the mermaid dress but the difference lies in the flare of the skirt. Trumpet dresses are less fitted as compared to mermaid dresses and even do not restrict your legs. If you are a curvy woman who is hunting for the best plus size wedding dresses then trumpet dresses are made for you. The skirt of the trumpet flares out at the lower thighs which thereby gives freedom to move around while carrying on with your sexy look.

A-Line Dresses

As the name suggests, an A-line dress creates A shape on the body. The dress flares out from the waist and brings in a flowy pattern which is less than a ball gown but definitely more than a trumpet dress. Out of all the long bridal dresses, these dresses create a universally flattering silhouette. Whether you are a plus size or small size, A-line dresses will never leave a stone unturned in making your big day grand. These are one of the best plus size bridal dresses because they only highlight what is needed.

Fit & Flare Dresses

Last on the list of wedding dresses for bridal wear are the very popular, fit and flare dresses. If you are someone who wishes to showcase your natural curves without overdoing the look, fit and flare dresses are the ones you should go for. Whether you wish to wear short bridal dresses or long, fit and flare wedding dresses have all the categories. Basically it’s a toned down version of dresses that hug you through the waist and bust to make you look the best version of you. The silhouette created by fit and flare dresses looks incredible when paired with a sweetheart neck or v-neck.

No matter what wedding dress you buy, the dress should make you feel comfortable, confident and , of course, beautiful. Do not settle for a dress that is anything less than this. Whenever you get started with the wedding dresses shopping, remember to keep your mind open. Happy shopping!