Excessive fats on the body can give your otherwise beautiful personality an ugly look. No one like clumsy people with their bellies protruded outwards and being a girl it is even harder to bear. You can’t wear tight clothes, winters are easy to bear in those layers of clothe no one will ever know how much you have but harder are the summers. The fats in the protruded part of your belly is known as visceral fats which are really harmful as they tend to produce many of the diseases in later stage of your life, they must be tended to in time. Here are few easy ways to target and burn these fats without using any medication which are mostly coming with side effects.

Do exercises that target belly fats

Diet and exercises go hands in hands. There is no way you can burn those fats just by dieting alone and similarly you can’t burn them if you do harsh exercises but get back to eating junk later. There are a good deal of exercises. I will name them for convenience here. You can find the details about how to perform them easily on google.

  • Running cycling and jogging
  • Crunches
  • Bicycle exercise
  • Cardio exercises
  • Planks and rolling planks
  • Side to side bending

Eat the right Food

Drink plenty of water. On average one should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. That is subjective to age lifestyle and weather too.

Have adequate breakfast eat lesser at night before going to bed. Eat fibrous food because it slows down the food in your stomach drawing the most nutrients and avoiding accumulation of fats. These fibers have proved the most effective in weight reduction. Prefer fruits as they are high fiber food and you won’t be needing any additional stuff during the rest of your day or that untimely hunger you feel at work between meals and dinners.

Decrease the amount of sugar you consume

Keep a strict eye on how much sugar you consume. There are many sources of sugar in your daily life so pay attention to the ingredients of whatever you consume. Understandably it’s hard to completely eliminate sugar but its consumption definitely can be reduced. Sugar has fructose which is undoubtedly a source of many types of diseases related to digestive track. You are highly susceptible to type 2 diabetes and liver diseases both of which will result in uncontrolled freaking obesity.

Avoid drinking:

Research shows alcohol is one of the primary reason of belly fats. Research has shown that on average 85% of the constant alcohol consumers have faced the problem of excessive obesity. Control alcohol and you will greatly control your belly fats. In addition don’t consume those sugar loaded carbonated beverages as they contain a high amount of fructose which is in turn dangerous for health. These beverages tend to be worse than normal sweat sugared food. Sugary drinks tend to increase the fats in your liver. Hence it best to avoid sugar sweetened beverages such as cokes, carbonated drinks and tea as well as alcohol.

Get Proper Sleep and reduce stress:

Sleep well. Get your cell phone out of your face as soon as you get on bed. Once you start scrolling down those Facebook pages they are so interesting you are bound to lose at least 3-4 hours of your sleep then again you will be running late for work and spend the rest of the day fighting for caffeine and sleep. Adequate sleep is essential for weight management. On average a human being need 6-8 hours of sleep. Extremity on both end is dangerous. Too much sleep can also contribute to obesity. During excessive sleeps your fats try to accumulate in certain parts of your body and a condition occurs where you sleep slower and which can greatly contribute to your belly bulking out. If you have this disorder you must meet your doctor at earliest.

Excessive stress tends to produce stress hormones which are linked with gain of belly fats. To help reduce your stress level keep your mind busy in activities that gives you pleasure. Do healthy activities such as gardening practice yoga and performing meditation can prove very effective in decreasing belly fats.

Sweat belt:

Sweat belts helps a great deal in targeting fats in selected areas. Sweet Sweat belts have a mechanism to produce heat which tries to burn the fats around mid-section. These belts may actually help lose you a few initial pounds of your extra weight but again it is a whole amalgamation of things included in a healthy routine that can help you in real terms to lose your belly fats. Good luck losing them