Mice might be tiny, cute, and fuzzy, but when they make your house their home, they can cause thousands of dollars of damage.

In addition to being costly, mice also pose a health and safety risk to those living inside the home. These rodents are known to spread diseases and contaminate food. However, a mouse infestation isn’t always easy to spot.

Since mice are nocturnal and fairly quiet animals, these little creatures can go on living among your family for months without being discovered. However, there are ways to find out if you’ve got a rodent infestation. If you suspect that there are mice in your home, watch out for these 5 signs to know for sure!

1. Droppings

The most common way to know if your home is housing mice is to find droppings.

One mouse can excrete up to 80 tiny, dark-colored dropping every night. If you suspect a mouse problem, check for these droppings in or around cupboards or along floorboards.

2. Scratching Sounds

Have you been hearing faint scratching noises around your house or inside the walls?

Since mice are active at night, it’s likely that these sounds will become more prominent after the sun has set. Listen closely to floorboards, ceilings, basements, and lofts in addition to your home’s walls.

3. Nests

Mice are nesting rodents that use shredded materials to build nests.

Oftentimes, these nests can be found in lofts, ceilings, walls, cabinets, and behind refrigerators. If you see a nest in your home, leave it alone and call pest control.

4. Mouse Tracks

Since mice like to live in vacant parts of the home, you might be able to see mouse tracks due to dust.

If the environment isn’t dusty, you can sprinkle some flour onto the floor at night and then check in the morning for paw prints or tail marks that will reveal

5. Strong Odor

Where there are mice, there’s mice urine!

Mice urinate very frequently, and their urine has a strong scent that smells like ammonia. This leads to a heavy odor that can leave your home smelling very foul. This odor will linger for a long time, and the stronger the smell, the more mice there are.

Have you seen these rodent infestation signs in your own home but aren’t keen on calling pest control? If you’re looking for alternative ways to expel rodents in your home, check out these essential oils to get rid of mice.

Stop a Rodent Infestation as Soon as Possible

Nobody wants to deal with a rodent infestation, but if you suspect that your home is infested, it’s crucial that you act fast by calling a pest control service immediately. Now that you’re aware of the signs to watch out for, you can be more prepared!

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