Existing home sales trended upward for the better part of 2020. In August alone, Americans sold about 6 million existing properties.

Later on, the numbers raised to 6.5 million in September and 6.85 million in October. This means the demand is at an all-time higher rate than in the last decade.

But what gets your existing property sold quickly in the highly competitive real estate industry? What attracts buyers to an existing home for sale instead of new units?

Buyers go for old because of lower property taxes and purchasing prices. However, you’ll only receive a solid offer if you do several things to make your property stand out in listings.

This article highlights seven property selling tips that will likely land you a buyer sooner than you expect.

1. Do Repairs Before Getting the Property Sold

Renovations make the best home sale tips. If done well, your property will look as pristine as a newly constructed home.

Start your repairs by fixing any cracks in the walls, driveways, and walkways. After that, fix all broken fixtures.

You would also want to ensure that all doors lock properly. Besides, update any hardware that may seem too old or flimsy. This includes kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes.

2. Clean the Property Thoroughly

Before listing your property at Kendrahudson.com, it will help if you clean it thoroughly, starting from the interior to the exterior. If there is any wallpaper, get rid of it and give the walls fresh paint.

If you have a deck, hire professionals to do a deep clean with a power washing machine. The same applies to patios and concrete pavements.

3. Enhance the Property’s Aesthetic Appeal

There are many ways of enhancing your property’s curb appeal without breaking the bank. First, declutter the space and get rid of any junk. If you have a lawn, make sure you trim the grass and get rid of the clippings.

4. Add More Flowers and Plants

For many buyers, it’s never about big spaces and bright paints alone. Young home buyers want a greener ambiance to reduce the carbon footprint in their homes. Moreover, adding more plants and flowers in the backyard opens up the space for many uses.

5. Go for Low-Maintenance Materials

Last-minute upgrades are important before you sell your house. However, it’s imperative to note that maintenance doesn’t stop at that. The new owners will have to do some replacements and repairs in the years to come.

If you offer quality materials with fewer maintenance needs, getting that property sold will be easier than you think.

6. Technology Is a Top-Selling Factor

The millennial generation gets fascinated by technological applications. If you integrate smart technology on the property before listing your home for sale, you’ll attract younger buyers.

Smart home technology includes automated alarm and fixture control systems. New owners can control these systems from the comfort of their smartphones. Moreover, smart home technology helps improve security, which can be your strongest selling point.

7. Conduct a Professional Home Inspection

After doing all the repairs and improving the property’s curb appeal, go for a professional inspection. An inspection might reveal other issues you weren’t even aware of, such as roof damage.

Moreover, it will help with compliance. No buyer will move into a home before ensuring it meets all fire and safety standards.

A Clean Property Sells Effortlessly

All these property selling tips draw back to cleanliness. If you usually have a cleaning routine, it won’t be hard getting the property sold. However, if you don’t, pick up the phone and call professionals for a thorough deep clean.

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