Why will someone buy Apple Watch Series 1 bands when Apple Watch Series 6 is available on the market? People are still buying Apple Watch Series 1. Some of them love wearing old stuff. Others buy Apple Watch Series 1 because it is the least expensive model by the brand. So, let’s see the specifications and features of this model. 

Specifications and Features 

There are two models of this series including 38 mm and 42 mm. Check the following table: 

Dimensions 42.5 mm X 36.4mm and 38.6 mm X 33.33 mm
Weight 30 grams (42 mm) and 25 grams (38 mm)
Thickness 10.5 mm (0.41 inches)
Display 1.65 inches (42 mm) and 1.50 inch (38 mm)
Resolution 42 mm: 390 X 312 pixels (303 ppi) and 38 mm: 340 X 272 pixels (290 ppi) 
Storage 8 GB
RAM 512 MB
Camera No
Processor Dual Core S1P Processor
Sensors Heart rate, gyrometer, accelerometer   
Battery 250 mAh (42 mm) and 205 mAh (38 mm)
Other features Bluetooth, NFC, Dual Band Wi-Fi  

In addition to an exclusive range of Apple Watch Series 1 bands to change the looks of the watch, you also get the following:  

Retina Display

Its OLED retina display comes with Force Touch. Resolution of the 42 mm version is 303 ppi and that of the 38 mm version is 290 ppi. 

Dual Core Processor 

The processor of the watch is upgraded. Apple Watch Series 1 now uses a new dual core processor. So, the watch runs faster. 

Reduced Price 

As new, more advanced models are available on the market, Apple Watch Series 1 price is reduced. It is more affordable now. 

Splash Resistant 

You can keep the watch around your wrist when it rains. You don’t need to remove the watch before washing your hands. However, remove it before swimming. 

Track Your Activity 

You can track your workout and activities with this model. It also provides workout data such as the number of calories burnt and the number of steps.

8GB Storage

The total storage is 8GB. The OS uses 3GB. 2GB is for music and 3GB is for downloading apps.

18 Hours Battery Life

Fully charge it once and you need not to worry about low battery for up to 18 hours.


You can easily change Apple Watch Bands 38mm of the 38 mm version. Similarly, there is a cool range of bands for the 42 mm version. 

Health Monitoring

The watch comes with a heart sensor to monitor your heart rate. You can learn about your heart rate patterns. This data is available on your iPhone.

Siri Built-in

Siri is quite useful and popular. It is available in Apple Watch Series 1 as well. You can use it to check the weather, set reminders and more.

Reply to messages and answer calls

It has a built-in speaker and microphone allowing you to answer incoming calls. You can also reply to messages.

Apple Pay

You can use your Apple Watch Series 1 to make payments. There is no need to pull up your iPhone or wallet.

Multiple Design and Colour Options

38mm and 42mm are the two versions of this watch. Available colour options include rose gold, gold, silver and space grey.

Keep in mind that Apple no longer manufactures the series 1. Its production was discontinued in 2016. The biggest reason for buying the series 1 is its price. The new models are quite expensive. However, even if it is the oldest and the cheapest model, people are still wearing an Apple Watch.

There is a range of accessories available for this series. You can buy screen protectors and Apple Watch Series 1 bands online.