If you are in the market looking for an air conditioner to beat the heat, then this article is a must-read guide for you before you purchase your AC. 

Comparing Samsung, LG, Daikin, Voltas AC prices is a good step, but AC price in India fluctuates depending upon the features present in any AC model.

Buying a new air conditioning unit is an important decision, not just because it’s costly, but because it must provide you with efficient cooling remove moisture from your room and keeps you comfortable. Most buyers expect efficient, smooth and durable air conditioning when they purchase a new unit, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. To pick the perfect AC, you need to understand various basic and advanced features and their purpose to make an intelligent choice by choosing the correct AC as per your need. Let’s take a look at the various primary and advanced features which you must be aware of:

Brushless DC Motor

Unlike the traditional motor, these BLDC motors operate on a unique electronic commutation arrangement to extend reliability and a significant reduction in noise level while working, even during peak summer.

4D Swing

The 4D swing feature works automatically; it is crafted for motorised vertical and horizontal swing utility, which offers you uniform and strong cooling across the room through multi-directional air blowing.

Turbo Cool

This feature offers effective and faster cooling in few minutes regardless of intense high summer temperatures. The Inverter air conditioner offers higher airflow with its innovative louvre design to help cool your room faster with no blind spots or hot spots in a short period.

Eco Mode

This economic mode makes the compressor run at a slower speed and reduces the load on the condenser. Eco mode runs the motor with less power and better efficiency to ensure cooling and savings on electricity consumption.

Bluefin condensers

To increase the efficiency of the copper condenser coils in the air conditioner is to offer them protection with a layer of anti-corrosive materials. Voltas was the first company to equip its ACs with this technology to enhance the efficiency of the AC coils.

Hidden Display

Some brands offer aesthetically designed ACs where the display light panel blends with AC body design in such a beautiful way that it adds an elegant touch of class to your room.

Adjustable Inverter AC

Some brands offer ACs with multiple adjustable modes that can operate on different tonnages as per the room requirement. This means it can run in 0.75 Ton/1.0 Ton/1.5 Ton/2,0 Ton, depending on the number of people in your room or the ambient temperature. This innovative feature not only ensures a comfortable cooling temperature in different conditions but also offers savings on your electricity bills.

SUPERDRY or Laundry or Quick Dehumidification mode

Many Air conditioners comes with Superdry mode or similar mode, which dehumidifies your room quickly. The AC works on the predefined higher cooling capacity level while restricting the indoor fan blower at a low-speed level. This innovative feature ensures to capture the moisture or extra water vapour present in your room air at a much higher speed within less time.

CO2 Level reduction

This feature provides clean air by reducing the existing levels of CO2 in your room and increase the level of fresh air. The special filter removes toxic gases and volatile organic compounds to ensure safe and fresh air in your room.

Stabiliser Free Operation

The fantastic benefit of an Inverter AC is their ability to work efficiently under a wide operating range of 100-290V, ensuring the AC stays well protected even if there are sudden voltage fluctuations. Furthermore, the initial or start-up voltage required to start an inverter AC is just 100V which is very low compared to traditional ACs. Therefore, there is no need to purchase or use an additional stabilizer for your inverter AC.

Twin Rotary Compressor

Many AC models come equipped with a unique twin rotary inverter compressor technology which allows you to reduce the running cost of your air conditioner effectively.

Self Diagnosis 

If your air conditioner equipped with this unique Self Diagnosis feature has some technical issues, it will show error codes on its display panel. This latest feature ensures fast and easy diagnosis without the need of calling a qualified technician in case your AC runs into some technical trouble. Self Diagnosis helps you save money on unnecessary visit charges of a technician for minor faults or issues that you can fix.

Clean and Safe air

Many brands in India offer air conditioners with 3 step filtration systems that ensure outstanding air quality by removing ultra-fine dust, harmful allergens, toxic and harmful gases.

Regardless of where you live in India, air conditioning is a must in most homes. Comparing LG, Daikin, Voltas AC prices is just a tiny step.

You must compare their features and find out which AC is perfect for your home because AC features and AC price in India both play an equally important role.

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