Nowadays, vapers can choose from a wider range of e-cigarettes and e-liquids than ever before. Whether you’re craving cookies, popcorn, or margarita, there’s a vape juice brand to suit your needs.

As you already know, not all products live up to the claims. Some of the most popular flavors are not always of the highest quality. That’s why many vapers experience a sore throat, dry mouth, or increased thirst.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s take a quick look at the best e-liquid brands on the market to help you make the right choice!

Suicide Bunny

This premium vape juice brand was inspired by badass women, featuring an eclectic mix of flavors for every taste.

Sucker Punch, one of its bestselling flavors, has subtle hints of cream and dragonfruit. Wanderlust, on the other hand, tastes just like vanilla cake. Mother’s Milk is perfect for the hot summer days, featuring light notes of strawberry.

The Suicide Bunny e-liquids are made in the U.S. and have a 70% VG concentration. Customers describe them as complex and mature, with authentic tasting dessert flavors.

Monas Pantry

If you’re looking for bold, realistic e-juice flavors, you can’t go wrong with Monas Pantry. Some say that it has the best vape juice on the market.

With delicious flavors like Blueberry Milk, Cloudy Lemonade, and Butterscotch Custard, its products will leave you craving for more. Use them with or without nicotine—just make sure you let them steep for a couple of days.

As far as their composition goes, they’re about 80% VG and 20% PG. This makes them perfect for subtanks and drippers.


T-juice is considered one of the safest vape brands, as it only uses pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients. Its e-liquids contain no ethanol, acetyl propionyl, diacetyl, or other potentially harmful chemicals.

The brand has been around since 2012. It was one of the first companies to offer premium vape juices with complex flavors.

Red Astaire, one of its most popular products, features subtle hints of aniseed, red berries, and menthol. Green Kelly tastes just like lemonade, making it ideal for the summer months. Colonel Custard has a strong vanilla flavor that will tantalize your senses.

Other E-Liquid Brands You Might Want to Try

The Suicide Bunny, T-Juice, and Monas Pantry are just a few of the many e-liquid brands out there. You might also want to try Beard Vape Co, Candy Skull, Feast Treats, or Dr. Vapes. Their products boast amazing flavors without compromising on quality.

Beco Bar’s disposable vapes are worth checking out, too. They’re available in 10 different flavors, from orange ice and spearmint to pink lemonade.

For a refreshing sensation, try Dr. Frost’s vape juice. It boasts an original mix of ice-cold berries, grape soda, citrus, and other delicious flavors.

Choose Quality over Quantity

The best e-liquid brands strike a balance between quality and cost. They not only offer amazing flavors but also use premium ingredients, with no fillers. Plus, their vape juices won’t clog your atomizer.

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