Large number of people uses Netflix and since we all know that Netflix is a paid platform and user need to pay some amount of money for which they use some sort of payment method. 

Here in this blog we are going to guide our users about how to update credit card on Netflix so that the users are able to keep using Netflix as they want to. 

Steps to change Netflix payment method for the users – 

The users need to open the web browser and then go to the website of Netflix and then log in to their account on Netflix. 

In this step the users need to select the profile icon which they will find in the upper right corner. 

In the third step the users need to select the option of account which they will find in the drop down menu to change credit card on Netflix.  

Now, the users need to select the option of manage payment info which is there in the member ship and billing section on the screen. 

Now, the users need to press on add payment method option so that they can further choose from credit or debit card, pay pal or redeem a gift code or special offer code and also provide the information which has been asked on the screen. 

When the users will return to the manage payment info page they will have to select make payment which is next to the billing method option to fix netflix change payment method. 

if you are looking for how to log in to Netflix account then, you can read my article by clicking on the link, below:

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Article: Netflix Login