Today’s children need a pack of skills and abilities for future endeavors. Instead of repeating facts and going the old way, they should learn something new and innovative. Generating high-order thinking skills won’t come easy as it requires a sum of dedicated activities. We have compiled a list of ways and activities that will help your children enhance critical thinking. Keep reading to know what these methods are! Of all these skills and abilities, learning to think critically is still on top of the list.

Top 6 effective ways for building critical thinking in kids:

Allowing your children to play and learn will open new doors for them. You can only spot their sense of information and analysis power when you let them play their favorite activities. One best way to go around this activity is to book your Kidzania Dubai tickets today and take your children there. Following is a list of activities you should not ignore for building your kid’s critical thinking ability.

1. Provide playing opportunities:

Have you ever seen kids playing out their favorite role from a cartoon or movie? A Kidzania is the best place to try the thing out. Kids can play their favorite games and roles in this kid-driven city to polish their cognitive and thinking skills. It is not just playing that kids need; it’s about interaction with others and taking on responsibilities.

Playing board games or roles all build critical thinking abilities in children. Since they are not alone on the ground, they know how to deal with things and other partners. Games inculcate analysis power, compare and contrast skills, and inferences skills in kids.

2. Give responsibility:

Children can’t do well if they are always in their comfort zone. As a parent or guardian, you need to push your child out of this zone to make him learn how to deal with responsibilities. Giving them responsibilities and problems will make them think about possible solutions. You can help them when needed but let them develop the feeling that they can do it.

The best way to imprint qualities on your child is to trust him with responsibilities. Ask them to fold their clothes or pack their school bags. Also, ask them to look after their younger siblings. Doing so will develop their mind power and critical thinking skills.

3. Encourage questions:

Do your children ask too many questions? That is a good sign! You should encourage and answer their questions politely. Your answer could be the foundation stone of their thought process and critical thinking abilities. Kids will only ask questions when they are learning from others’ experiences and actions. Let them ask questions and provide detailed answers.

Is it enough to answer their question and go silent? No! Encourage them to ask such questions. Moreover, it would help if you cross-questioned them to make the topic clearer and develop their insights into the topic.

4. Solving problems:

A big step in establishing critical thinking abilities in kids is to let them solve problems. Allow them to undertake problems and come up with solutions. In the end, you should listen to their solutions and answers to a particular problem and correct them where needed.

Motivate them by encouraging their output and opinions. Doing so will help you gauge your child’s mind and thinking power. It all will end up in developing your kid’s decision-making qualities and, ultimately, critical thinking skills.

5. Inculcate reading habits:

Do you want your kid to connect with the world in numerous ways? Allow him to read books and stories. Reading is the best way to educate your child about the world, norms, stories, and characters. Kids will capture more information and learn new words through reading books and stories.

Reading a story will help your kid understand the situation and depicts the information in his way. Doing so will help him differentiate between good and bad things, developing their social and critical thinking skills.

6. Metacognition:

Critical thinking capabilities are quickly developed when kids are involved in strategy designing. When playing games, kids will think about designing winning strategies to beat their rivals. A series of decisions will go through their mind, improving their thinking and comprehension abilities.

The best way to ensure metacognition is to take your children to Kidzania, where they can play different games and role-playing activities. The more they play hard games, the faster they will develop critical thinking skills.

Educate your kid to learn new skills!

Learning new skills is vital for kids as they can help them in their future endeavors. Be it social skills, cognitive skills, or emotional skills; a Kidzania is the best place to develop them all. Take your kids there and see what they are best at!