There is a limit to which innovation and uniqueness can be brought into a product. For that very reason, we see a sea of similarities among the products of every genre. The multi-featured paper boxes present an ample opportunity to you to break the chain of sameness on the retail shelves. Cutting-edge technologies and the availability of abundant resources have made it easier to design these packages in a way that stands out. Still, there are some designers who seem reluctant to take advantage due to a lack of knowledge and inspiration. Read this guide to design the paper packages attractively so as to sell your products across the market segments worldwide. 

Alteration into unique styles:

It takes only one visit of the retail aisles to understand that there is no dearth of conventional packaging shapes. Mostly, we see square and rectangular shapes that move around in the market. A minor proportion of the market goes for some cylindrical or multiple-sided packages, but they are not enough to impress. Alter the custom paper boxes into some styles that are rare and leave lifetime imprints on the customers. One prime example in this respect is the utilization of die-cut technology to create transparent cut-outs. The special factor about this style is that it reflects product personality along with giving freedom to modify window shape. If the products to be boxed in are some candies, treats, or soaps, pillow box style is the best choice. It adores the true style of the product and makes it look premium and high-class. 

Limiting yourself to simplicity:

Introducing loads of graphics and intricate illustrations can never guarantee you success in grabbing customer attraction. They make the design look busy that present a visually confusing view in front of the audience. Over-designing is a cliché that hampers the shining out of your products on the retail shelves. When thinking about Kraft paper boxes, switch to the basics of simple and minimal designing. Simple is striking and makes the customers respond to the secretive messages you are relaying through the design. The minimal design makes it easy for people to understand by describing the true essence of your products. The values and personality of your brand also become clearly visible with no distraction or misperception. Never fear to be simple, instead aim for it to create a maximum positive impact. 

Thought-provoking color patterns:

Anything that seems pleasing to the eyes is perceived as the one with the quality of the highest standard. Keeping that in mind, use different contrasting and complementary colors so as to beseech the audience in the first impression. A mixture of bold hues does not have a high visual impact; rather, it has higher visual noise that distracts. The color combinations that are contrasting and on-brand stand the best chance to create patterns that attract the heaps of clients. While picking up a contrast, understand the link it has with the culture and demographics of the potential clients. Such a stratagem will make sure to bring a further appeal to the exterior of Kraft paper boxes. 

Keep it practical:

The addition of a few impressive visual elements to the packaging adds to its aesthetic value and augment its beauty. It, no doubt, has an influence on shaping the buying conduct of clients. But, the absence of practicality from the packaging can reverse the process. So, think about the functionality of the paper packages as well since it never thwarts the targeted audience. The addition of a simple sleeve with the bottom part partitioned can work well in this regard. It makes the unboxing experience memorable for the visitors with its distinctive appeal and easy-to-use nature. The handling mechanisms also look visually pleasant and are famous for improving the carrying experience of potential clients. To bring more enticement among the viewers, the shape of handles and location can be changed. For instance, handles in the round shape in the form of side pockets look unique. 

Let the product speak itself:

Imprinting the salient features of the products you are dealing with on the custom paper boxes is a mind-blowing idea. These features act as the magnet that pulls the customer’s heed and persuades them to invest in your products. For bringing an appeal, make sure to inscribe these details with classic fonts that are stylish and legible. The main attributes should be printed with the display fonts since they are a little bold than other typefaces. For the text body containing the explanation, script and handwritten styles are good to go. The explanation of the features with these elegant styles of typefaces provides excellent results in hooking more and more buyers.

Finish it elegantly:

The finishing of the paper packages is as important as the printing. If the printing makes the packages interactive and eye-catching, the finishing helps to maintain the appealing factor for long. The printed designs begin fading out after their exposure to the external influences that result in unattractiveness. Use finishing touches like glossy to advance the visual and haptic appeal of the boxes. It helps the printed artwork to stay visually amusing with added protection from dust, fingerprints, and handling. The spot UV provides a similar kind of effect with an emphasis on a particular area of the box. Apart from appealing to the eyes, the finishing touches also cater to the touch impacts that never go without being seen. 

The great products are those that come boxed in some attractively and uniquely designed packaging solutions. Making your paper boxes look attractive is not a big deal if you follow the techniques in this guide. The unique amending of style, imprinting of colorful patterns and adding a finishing touch all serve greatly in this respect.