Today is the day of “No Time”! You, I and others are too busy with our commitments to take out an hour or half an hour and read a long text. Science has proven that images and videos create a better impact on humans compared to the text’s impact! This is the reason videos have gained tremendous reception. But…

Yes, in this busy schedule, videos are not creating the impact what it used to do before since we face some issues with videos. We are too engaged in social media and social sharing sites. WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter have fuelled the fire on top of all. We have moved on from videos and settled on a solution called GIF. We all have heard and seen this short, crisp yet attractive form of video and from a hard-core marketing perspective, it is worth applying.

The main concern we possess with GIFs is a good platform to create one as not all of us are trained designers, so, using Photoshop is not always everyone’s comfort. That’s why non-designers like us look for online GIF makers but eventually fail to get a good one since the free tools never provide with expected outcome and we don’t want to invest in a paid version.

So, what to do?

EZGIF is the solution you can find when searching for a pro GIF maker without investing a penny from your pocket! This online tool has everything you’ll ever require to make a GIF or performing other visual editing tasks!

What does EZGIF offer?

This online GIF making tool is easy to use with multiple tools for editing –

  • Create GIF by uploading multiple pictures from your computer. You can set the delay time, Toggle range of frames, and Loop count along with multiple pro-level effects manually.
  • Convert your existing video into GIF if you don’t want to upload photos.
  • Resize or crop the GIFs.
  • Optimize the GIFs you have created.
  • Split GIF images to frames.
  • Add texts to the GIFs or photos.
  • Put useful effects on the GIFs like Colour Filters, Speed Adjustment, Reverse or Rotate GIFs, Overlay, Cut Duration.

With all these astoundingly useful tools, you will be a designer yourself. EZGIF blends creativity, functionality and simplicity into one platform that results into awesome GIFs.

Why do I require GIF?

As I said earlier, people are running out of time, so, you need to create the impact by the little time you get. A 30seconds to 1minute GIF can do wonders you have not imagined yet. Accept it or not, we all love to get attention and from a business perspective, it is required to grab the eyeballs. A short GIF about your product, services or entire business can be effective through the social media or digital marketing.

Let’s have a look why GIF has made such a great impact on humankind.

  1. We don’t have time, so, a 1-1.5 minute animated video is always preferable. The more your content is accepted, the more you have the scope to shine.
  2. Admit it or not, we love animations. When we see a cartoon or anime, our usual psychology finds it interesting enough to invest time.
  3. GIFs are always entertaining yet informative and that creates unmatched impact.
  4. Accessibility and availability is another reason! GIFs are generally short in size, so, we can always share it through social messengers such as WhatsApp.
  5. When users watch it rather reading the same information, they get more attracted.

All the points above advocates the use of GIF and the earlier discussion about EZGIF is wise enough to rely on the online GIF making and editing tool. If you want to grab a little time from the “No-Time” of users, EZGIF can be a reliable source that offers the best outcome.