What is EZGIF? As the name suggests, EZGIF is a free and simple online tool that is primarily designed to create gifs. They also support editing and formatting of videos online from different formats including PNG, FLIF etc. In spite of all the tools, the majorly used tool is the online video to GIF converter and image resizing tool. Unlike other such online places which you can use, this one is quite advanced as compared to them and gives the user a full control over the activities as well as the editing desires that they possess, meaning that ones you decide to put a video and edit it using EZGIF you are in full control of the video and the website will not interfere with your functions. You May Also Like: More Useful Instagram Tools? WHY EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE INSTAGRAM? TOOLS: – Its uses and tools are listed as follows: –
  1. Video to GIF: – With the help of this tool you can easily convert videos to GIFS and share them on your device or send it to someone as well. It is the most popular tool of the website and is used by millions of users every day.
2.RESIZE: – As the name suggests, with this feature you can resize your videos and images easily and do not have to go through any technical instructions etc.
  1. Crop: – With the help of the crop function, now you can easily crop your images as well as your videos and fit it to your desired frame.
  2. GIF Optimizer: – GIF Optimizer optimizes your created GIFS and makes it suitable for all the platforms whether they are social media platforms or any other. Without the optimizer, the GIF may lag and not play in a continuous flow.
  3. Effects: – As simple as the name, the effects tab lets you add effects from the ton of options that it provides which will definitely suit your desires.
  4. Split: – With the help of split, you can covert or change the images (animated and others) to individual frames for the purpose of editing or for viewing them separately.
  5. Add text: – This is quite a simple tool but can prove to be really helpful and effective. With Add text, you can literally add text to your videos and GIF’s online itself to make them more appealing.
  6. Web P: – Honestly, this is quite a weird name for such an awesome function. Web P lets you create GIFs just like the GIF maker but the output is in animated format. You can also create animated images with the help of this tool.
  7. APNG: – APNG tool helps you to collect or gather all the animated image files and create a big single PNG file. Although, it is quite similar to GIFs but can be more colourful.
All of these tools will be explained in our next blog which should be up at the same time you are reading this. The best part about this software cum website is that it is free of cost and you don’t have to pay even a single buck to be able to use it. Although to keep it free, the admin of the website has included a ‘Donate’ tab where you can donate any amount and help the admin keep the page running without any hitch (any amount can be donated). You can read all the FAQ’s and the help section if you have any issues in operating or using the function which is offered by the site. Other Uses: – The other uses of the site or the other cool features that the site has to offer are: –
  1. Video tools like Video reverser, video cutter, GIF to MP4 converter etc.
  2. Popular file converters like PDF to GIF, PDF to JPG, PNG to JPG etc.
Another thing that makes the site really loved is that the video and image sizes that you can add are quite big (30 MB to 80 MB) which is not commonly found. If you still have any doubts about the topic or just want to add your review about the website, you are more than welcome. Please comment them in the comment section below, we would love to hear your experiences too. Source: layerpoint.com