Wasps can be dangerous, especially when provoked. Wasp stings can cause great injury, and sometimes even fatalities, although these are relatively rare. Many people are allergic to wasps, and many more have a phobia of them.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to stay calm if you find a wasp nest on your property. This is easiest to do if you know the proper procedure for how to get rid of a wasps nest. There are certain things that you should and should not do in this situation.

This article will take you through what they are. Read on to find out what not to do when you find a nest of wasps on your property.

1. Do Not Set the Nest on Fire

Setting a wasp’s nest on fire is often touted as an effective way to get rid of one from your property. The logic goes that you will wither burn or suffocate the wasps inside and the nest itself will become consumed by the flames.

This is not the case. Instead, the wasps will sense danger, mobilize, and attack you. If want to avoid getting stung, don’t try to burn a wasp’s nest.

2. Do Not Hit or Disturb the Wasp Nest

Another route you may try is to dislodge the wasp nest from where it is hanging by hitting it with a broom or baseball bat. This is also a big no-no when it comes to wasp nest removal.

As with the above option, the wasps will become agitated, think you are trying to attack them, and will rush to sting whatever is putting them in imminent danger (i.e. you). If you see a wasp net, steer clear of it, and don’t make any attempts to disturb it.

3. Do Not Flood it With Water

Another method of wasp nest removal that is often suggested is to flood the nest with water. The idea here would be to drown the wasps in water and then take the nest down once they are dead.

However, this is a messy option that has little to no chance of actually working. Instead of killing the wasps, what is more likely to happen is that they will become enraged, attack you, and you’ll end up water damaging your home.

4. Do Not DIY

At the end of the day, any way you try to remove a wasp nest yourself is likely to result in you getting stung. To avoid this happening, it is always best to call a professional.

Companies such as Fast Action Pest Control will have the proper tools, knowledge, and protective equipment to safely remove the wasp nest. So folks, don’t try this yourself.

Get Rid of a Wasp Nest the Right Way

When you find a wasp nest in your home, there’s one more thing you shouldn’t do: panic.

Try to stay calm, and call a professional pest control company to come and assist you as soon as possible. If you’ve found this advice useful, don’ forget to check out the rest of our content!