Rugs are always needed for a home and not only as floor covering but as a furnishing accessory especially if it is made up with sisal fiber. You may have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to getting a specific feeling of comfort in your indoor space and you go with Sisal Rugs Melbourne; as making use of flooring made from natural fiber called Sisal gives your floor longer lasting life.


Usually, the tough nature of sisal woven rug is brought about by the use of the natural fibers when making it. This makes it harder as compared to other rugs like jute, flax and hemp.

This makes it very useful in the area of protecting the floor. Another good thing about it is that, it can be dyed and might be available in different colors as per your need or taste.

Some of the most important attributes that make Sisal Rugs Melbourne to be best and of high quality are:

  • They’re Stain Resistant,
  • Flame Retardant,
  • Anti-Static and Sound-Absorbent
  • They can be good for various areas of your house like: the Staircase, hallways, living room etc.

Sisal is basically a type of plant that has long, spiky and extremely sharp leaves which are harvested and processed so that might be transformed into easily weave-able fibers. Sisal’s main advantage is that it is naturally stain, wear, and static electricity resistant. Hence, might be so much useful for your kid’s room.

Even if you are looking for an in-expensive initiative to remodel your rooms and give your home beauty, natural rugs or carpet can definitely be best option for you. And the reason for that, they are cost-effective and come in a plethora of vibrant colors, which makes them a great choice for redecorating options for your home.

You will be delighted with these natural fiber rugs as they are fashionable & exotic beauty and you can place them wherever you want; in the living room, bedroom and hallway or conference room whether in your home or office. These rugs have various texture and design schemes. You can choose from those with 100% natural woven fiber with latex backing and stylish weavers.

Thus this is to say, always use rugs made from natural fiber called Sisal as it not only have a longer lasting life but is a biodegradable flooring too.

Floor Space in this respect you can rely to choose natural color rug or a dyed and bleached color flooring match of your choice. Even if you wish to create a heavy visual impact, new life and vibrant personality into your rooms Sisal Rugs might definitely the best choice for you.

In fact, once you place your order with Floor Space the leading manufacturer of natural floor covering, the product you are seeking is shipped within 48 hours; and it guarantees you the best products within the lowest possible price range!