In the developed nations Canada is the considered as the best one due to job opportunities and employment as well as business opportunities which it can offer to its residents and immigrants. For those who need to move to such countries, it is important to know the rules and regulations related to the visa and immigration. There are various categories one needs to check and see in which category his profile fits.

Canada is the most preferred and favorite nation to obtain permanent residency in. People who are the immigrants coming from all countries of the world do apply for permanent resident immigration in Canada to benefit from the privileges, rights, and advantages of becoming a permanent resident of the country. It can be said to be the most liveable nation on the earth. Canada tends to be a big nation by its area and also by means of its economy that gives rise to incredible facilities as well as opportunities to its immigrants and also to its citizens.

Below are listed some benefits that can be obtained after becoming its PR:

It gives right of permanent residency

By acquiring Canada permanent resident visa, you are sure to achieve the position of becoming PR – a permanent resident of the country by means of which you are able to work, live or study at any place in the country and have the benefit of a number of facilities that are enjoyed by its citizens.

You are able to sponsor eligible members of your family

When you happen to get a permanent resident visa Canada, you are in a position to sponsor eligible members of your family to come over to the country and obtain the permanent residency in Canada.

You are able to apply for citizenship in Canada

Any permanent resident is able to apply for citizenship in Canada subsequent to spending some required time in the country.

You are free to work at any place in the country

By becoming a permanent resident in Canada, you have got the total liberty to do work under any employer at any place in the country. But you are not entitled to services in armed forces and public service which are restricted to the Canadian citizens only.

Your outside of Canada income is exempted from tax

Being a Canadian citizen or the permanent resident in Canada, you are asked to give taxes founded on the source of physical residency, and therefore you are not required to shell out taxes on the earnings you make outside the country.

You gain access to education of subsidized nature

The moment you are qualified as a permanent resident of Canada; you get access to subsidized education of post-secondary classes that are offered by the provincial and also by the federal governments of the country. The permanent residents are able to get admission in free French as well as English courses for speaking that is provided by Canadian federal government.

In Canada, permanent residents get some services for social security as well.