No matter how safe your area or locality may be, every HOA should take steps for crime prevention to avoid unfortunate incidents. While the HOA board is responsible for looking after the community’s security, homeowners can also do their part by taking a few steps.

With a few simple measures and being more alert, we can prevent crime effectively. phoenix hoa management companies are aware of the importance of a safe environment and can help you maintain one.

Tips for preventing crime in the HOA

  • Lighting.

We are all aware that thieves, robbers, and other criminals like to go undetected, so they love any dark or poorly lit place. Such areas help them on their mission of committing theft. Keeping your home’s exterior well-lit can not only keep these people away but also protect you from falls. Even if someone tries to break-in, there are chances of your neighbors spotting them because of the lighting.

  • Get to know your neighbors.

If you do not wish to befriend your neighbors because you do not like socializing, think again. Neighbors can be helpful when it comes to safety. They can inform you of suspicious activity going near or around your house and alert you before something unfortunate happens.

Moreover, you can ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your property while you go away on vacation and your house remains empty for days.

  • Think like a criminal.

This method can be significantly helpful if you can do it right. Stand outside your house and think about how you can get in without a key. Attempt to enter your house through various means, and if you find a way, the criminal will probably find it too.

  • Fix alarm systems.

Apart from creating an alarming sound when something suspicious occurs, alarm systems can discourage criminals from attempting to break into your house. When they see an alarm system in place, that is when they walk back.

  • Keep the community clean and well-maintained.

A clean and well-maintained community may show criminals that the board and residents of the community are attentive and responsible. This can deter them from targeting your neighborhood. On the other hand, untidy and unkempt HOAs can give the impression that the people do not care about their area or safety.

  • Lock up.

Remembering to lock up all your windows, doors, and other entrances to the house can help decrease crimes significantly. Some criminals are lazy and do not want to put effort into breaking into the house. When they see a lock on the door, they may go back and try another house. Moreover, burglars may even get caught before they actually manage to break the lock.