Are you an athlete? If you’re one, you know how important it’s to push yourself. Working hard can make you a better athlete. 

Even with all the hours at the gym and all that practice, athletes need an edge. Competition is fierce, so it’s good to have that extra boost. 

CBD is popular for its therapeutic potential, leading many athletes to use it. Many pro athletes promote CBD use. 

Is it legal to use it? Read this article to learn about FDA CBD regulation.

CBD for Athletes

CBD is a compound that’s found in the cannabis plant. In recent years, society has become more open to CBD usage. Products are available for sale in some stores and online. 

So what has led society to be more open about CBD use? There’s a lot of discussion about the effects of CBD.

You might be asking, “What are the effects of CBD?” The effects of CBD can be either positive or negative. The answer depends on who you ask. 

CBD does show some promise in treating certain conditions. The conditions include joint pain and muscle soreness. These are common conditions that affect athletes. 

One of the reasons why athletes use CBD is because it can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Athletes who undergo intense training might use CBD for this purpose. Many of them swear that the best CBD oil on the market helps them train better. 

CBD doesn’t get a person high. It can cause side effects. These include changes in weight and appetite, as well as fatigue. 

Legality for Athletic Events

Here’s the million-dollar question. What’s the legal status of CBD for athletic use? It varies. 

Few organizations allow athletes to use CDB. The World Anti-Doping Agency no longer has CBD under its prohibited substances list. 

In the NFL and NBA, CBD use is prohibited. MMA athletes can use CBD oil so there’s no need for them to go over CBD oil laws. 

MLB regulations on CBD aren’t strict. Baseball players don’t undergo routine testing for CBD. If a baseball player is found to have a high concentration of CBD, he might face a fine. 

The government is seeking to establish a CBD federal law to help regulate its use. Several senators have introduced a bill to open the way for CBD to be used in supplements. 

This bill might open up CBD use for more athletes. Want to learn more about CBD regulations against athletes? Read more on it by clicking the link. 

FDA CBD Regulation

With all the stiff competition they face, athletes are always looking out for an edge. CBD can help athletes.

There are regulations that athletes must know about if they plan to use CBD. The last thing an athlete needs is to get in trouble after using CBD. If you’re an athlete you must be familiar with the FDA CBD regulation. 

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