The brand name for testosterone is Dianabol. It is derived from anabolic steroid whose generic name is Methandienone. The first synthetic anabolic steroid among all the drugs is Methandienone. Till to day this drug is one of the most popular and performance enhancing drugs. The reason for its popularity is due it is high potency and easy way to use. Its chemical formula is 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-1, 4-androstadiene-3-one 1-Dihydro-17. These Dianabol results give a dramatic change and improvement in muscle strength in a very short time period, therefore, it is popular among bodybuilders than in any other athletes. Dianabol is also known as DBol. Use of these steroids results in muscle growth without causing any change in the bodybuilder’s weight. The active ingredient present in Dianabol combines with the feeling of fatigue and enhances the performance of the bodybuilder. For bodybuilders who are looking forward to improving maximum muscle growth in minimum time, for them, 10mg of Methandienone per day is more than enough.


Dianabol an anabolic steroid which works by enhancing protein synthesis and increases nitrogen retention. The increased amount of protein synthesis helps the body in maintaining the greater workloads in very less fatigue, balances nitrogen level in the body which enhances the adaptogenic properties of the Dianabol. Depending upon the factor, gender and experience level the dose of the Dianabol changes. Male athletes, who all are using it for the first time the Genesis Methandienone, should start their dose from 10mg tablets per day and slowly after that, they can increase it 25-50mg per day depending upon the need and capacity.



And for women athletes who want to increase muscle strength and for cutting fat purpose should start with 5mg dose per day and shouldn’t exceed more than 10mg dose per day because women are mostly advised not to take this steroid, it is against them. And 50mg is the maximum effective dose per day for bodybuilders and all types of athletes, especially for men. This dose of steroid is divided equally and taken through the day. If in any case a user is taking the higher dose than it is recommended to take Clomid or Nolvadex in addition as Dianabol results in increasing the effectiveness and along with that it also minimizes the side effects of estrogen.  Taking higher doses with no additions is surely going to cause negative side effects.


Women are recommended not to take this drug and kept it just because it results in permanent hoarsening of the voice. This Dianabol is chemically designed to survive metabolism by the liver but along with that at some stage, it also makes the liver toxic. Due to which is recommended not to take more than six weeks with equivalent breaks between cycles. The limit period of six weeks shouldn’t be exceeded and this steroid last in the body bloodstream for three to five hours. Dianabol should be taken with food and at least 8 ounces of water or else it will lead to cramping of the stomach as it gets rapidly absorbed by the stomach.