In the era of technology, it is not challenging to spy someone mobile with latest apps either for android and ios. If you are going through nerve-wracking situation about restricting the Internet activities of your children, employee or spouse, then we are here with an article featuring with a mobile spy App which can eliminate your worries forever. The Mobile Spy apps are necessary for everyone nowadays.

Why Use Mobile Spy App?

Although Mobile spy apps are tailor-made for monitoring the specific monitoring activities what are its advantages which can be helpful for any organization, individual, parents, etc. Sometimes as an owner of the organization, it becomes necessary to create a check and balance about the activities carried out at your cell phone whenever you leave it at Office or on the mobile of any worker. As a parent, checking the log of activities performed on a cell phone while you are away.

For this purpose different apps are available on App Store for iPhone and Android phones. Here are some features of these apps which can release your worries.

Features of Mobile Spy App:

  • Record call logs- The time duration and recording of every outgoing and incoming call is recorded by using mobile spy app
  • SMS Logging- You can check each and every text message either received or sent to any user with the timestamp.
  • Social Media Log- Every activity performed while using your mobile secretly will be displayed along with social media account and logging time.
  • Internet Log- All of the search performed on any of Internet browser will be featured in the app you are using as spy agent for mobile.
  • Track the Location of the mobile, which reject the idea of cell phone theft.
  • Track GPS of Cell Phone by remaining Offline as well, which means no Internet is requires for tracking any activity of the mobile.

Advantages of Using TheOneSpy Mobile spy app:

TheOneSpy Remain Stealth after Installation:

The main and important feature of mobile spy apps is remaining stealth after setting up the app. The app remains hidden even it doesn’t show up in task manager of the mobile. The app doesn’t result in hanging up of the ram of mobile.

TheOneSpy Require Login Code:

These apps are featured with an admin panel which requires username and password. In case someone found the app on your mobile and want to remove the activities recorded by the software, then it will not that much easy for him/her. A strong password is required to check the logs of calls, text messages, usage of Internet and other activities.

TheOneSpy Cloud Storage:

Most of the apps came up with cloud storage which can save the data even it is deleted by someone on your mobile. No flaws are left for the spy users of your mobile to remove what they have performed on your mobile in you no presence.

TheOneSpy Free 24/7 Online Support:

It is a most important feature of TheOneSpy Mobile spy app to get interact with customer support whenever needed. If any data loss has been found or your app is causing some problems, then online support will clear all hype created due to any of technical non-technical issue.

TheOneSpy How to use?

It is not a much complicated like Mathematics to use Mobile Spy app. Using this app will secure your mobile phone as well as work for the betterment of your organization (in installed on your employees’ phone) and help you in monitoring your kid’s activity.All you have to do is to:

  • Download the app from the App Store.
  • Install it Instantly
  • Open the App and set up Username and password.
  • Connect your mobile to the Internet to Buy the Subscription
  • Enable Cloud Storage.
  • Close the App and let the app monitor your mobile phone activities.


Nowadays it is necessary for everyone to monitor their children activities, their worker’s activities. Even monitoring of activities performed at your cell phone is also needed as the pins and pattern used for unlocking phone are not secure enough. For this purpose using TheOneSpy Mobile spy app is needed for everyone otherwise something wrong could hit you anytime.