People practice yoga to remain healthy, active, alert, and efficient at accomplishing tasks. Yoga is supposed to alleviate a variety of illnesses, both physical and mental. People in Mumbai are indeed deriving the real benefits of yoga. The testimony to this is the increasing number in the list of yoga classes in Mumbai. It is notable that almost all the yoga classes are doing well. So, what are the benefits of yoga? What are the diseases that yoga can alleviate or completely cure?These are the questions that a common person may have. Let us discuss the diseases that yoga helps to cure or alleviate.

Diseases that yoga help to cure or alleviate




Many people in Mumbai are suffering from the problem of obesity. There are men, women as well as children who are obese and cannot get back into shape. They are searching for ways to reduce the fat burden. Yes, yoga does show the way to reduce the burden of fat on them. For this most instructor will instruct you to practice Uttanpadasana and Bhujangasana. These postures are practiced while lying on the floor. The manoeuvres that are involved in these postures put stress on the abdominal, pelvic and thigh regions. The muscles in these areas get worked out. The workout and the additional blood circulation owing to this helps in burning the fat around the abdomen, pelvis and thighs.However, along with practicing yoga you must also reduce intake of fatty, carbohydrate and sweet food.


Disease of pancreas, liver and kidney


Asanas like Ardhamatsyendrasana and paschimottonasana are designed to work out the areas in your abdominal cavity that house organs like pancreas, liver and kidney etc. So if you are suffering from diabetes, kidney problems or liver problems you are most likely to see some improvement in these diseases by practicing these diseases.


Back pain

This is something that most of us, especially people in Mumbai, are familiar with. There are some asanas like dharnurasana, bhujangasana and others that can help you in overcoming back pain. However, some postures may not be suitable for some people. You need to practice under the guidance of expert instructors in mumbai yoga classes.




Scientific studies have pointed to benefits of certain yoga postures in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. A combination of asanas like suryanamaskar, trikonasana, veerasana, gomukhasana, etc. can help relieve the discomfort at the joints and thereby the discomfort associated with various forms of arthritis.


Side effects of chemotherapy


There are various side effects of chemotherapy that people suffering from cancer have to undergo. It is possible to alleviate these side effects to some extent with the help of yoga.


Goes on to provide you with the much-needed flexibility


Improvement in terms of flexibility is one of the major benefits of yoga. You will come across the fact that certain poses are beyond your grasp in the first stages, but with slow and regular practice all of them is bound to be under your control. With the passage of time, you will come across the fact that all the pain is bound to eradicate. There is no rocket science involved in this regard as the tight hips can go on to put too much pressure on the joint of the knees and this can pave way for improper ligament.