Being a person who adores and appreciates exquisite art, landscape form of art has gained a special place in my heart.

I mean how can it not?

Being an art aficionado, I understand that the true beauty of a painting lies not in the colours and the patterns set alone, but the combined effect that transcends the visual and takes our mind into the world of imagination.

When I look at the famous landscape paintings, I would always wonder “how can an artist bring down nature onto the canvas with such precision and beauty?”

Sometimes(to be honest) I found that the nature in a landscape painting is more serene and pious than the one that exists.

Nature is gorgeous, vast, captivating, and full of variety and so are the paintingsdepicting all of these.

A lot has been said about how this landscape art form started and about the prominent artists who laid the foundations for it.

But, I hardly find any write-up, article or blog stating the best landscape artists of our time. Therefore, in this blog, I am going to introduce you to the top 3 artists that are alive and are making landscape art prouder everyday.  Let’s take a look:


The Greats of Landscape art form


Landscape art, as many of you wouldn’t know, isstill in its young age.

Historically, landscape paintings didn’t become prevalentuntil the 17thcentury. Before that, it was the era of paintings on spiritual or historical themes.

Initially, there were artists related to the French impressionist movement (Claude Lorraine and Nicholas Poussin) and from the Dutch (Jacob van Ruysdael) that bolstered the case for landscape art.

The esteemed names of the landscape artists from the past are Renoir, Cezanne, and Monet. Now, let’stake a look at the top 3 landscape artists one by one,that are still putting their creativity and still mesmerising viewers with their aesthetic work.

The number one on this list is Clyde Aspevig.


Clyde Aspevig


Born in the state of Montana in the United States, Aspevig is known to sketch the serene depiction of nature on the location itself and thenoffering the finishing touch in his studio.

Winner of the prestigious Frederic Remington Award and the Robert M. Lougheed Memorial Award, Aspevig’s childhood was majorly spent in on a small wheat farm near the Canadian border.

The lots of landscape work I have witnessed, I think if anyone took me closer to nature and that feeling of tranquillity, itsAspevig’s work that has moved me really.

His works are mostly crafted utilising the ‘plein air’ style and reflect the implicit beauty of intact and rare sceneries in an exclusive tone.

Growing up in Montana impacts the Aspevigto the core, which can be now seen as most of his paintings have themes of mountains.


Ray Roberts


If you wish to see the famous landscape paintings with extraordinary seascapes, fascinating figurative work and mesmerising views, go and take a look at the paintings of Ray Roberts.

His vivacious utilisation of colours, fearless patternsand extreme sensitivity make the paintings lively and moving.

Ray Roberts originates from the state of California and is involved in drawing landscape and figurative paintings in a studio and outdoor location both.

For his continuous and valuable contribution towards art, he was bestowed with Gold Medal for “Best Painting” at the California Art Club and the Artists’ Choice Award.

It was the year 1992 when Roberts took a leap of faith and steps into the world of fine arts. Born in the year 1954, Roberts spenthis childhood in the orange county of orange groves that later on became his inspiration to become an artist.

“Value does the work but colour gets the credit”is a priceless thought of Roberts for artists.

His style of painting is quite different as he always begins with value drawings. The strikingly beautiful wayhe squeezes the value into astonishing effects and the manner in which those effects bring true essence in the painting is just exemplary.

Since Roberts is from California, most of his worksinclude seascapes.




Born in 1942, LemChmielis an American painter who has had several gallery and museum exhibitions.

His work has been showcased at the Autry Museum of the American West and at the Denver Art Museum.

Since the time he started,LemChmielis known for being a minimalist and utilising unconventional compositions.

Also known as the ‘best of west’, Chmielis known for crafting some exquisite and famous landscape paintings. His work is solely based on his intuitions that he said always helped him to stretch the boundaries of what’s original and what’s not.


Wrapping up


So, what are you waiting for?

If you are nearby them (these artists), attend their shows and exhibitions. If not, reach them online.But get your hands on famous landscape paintingsas soon as possible. Thanks!