If you want to know how to play Teen Patti, then you are at the right place.

Here we have penned down the basic information on this card game and you will also know the rules on playing Teen Patti.

In addition, this game has become and grown into the mainstream betting card game. There are certain rules that you have to remember when playing it. This game actually started in India and later on, it got fame worldwide.

What Is the Right Way to Play Teen Patti?

This game of Teen Patti needs 3 to 6 players. Moreover, it is composed of a 52-card pack and this pack comes without jokers.

If you have played any other kind of poker and rummy games, then you will find it quite easy to play Teen Patti as well.

This respective game starts by putting down a bet. Later on, the boot sum is collected and each player is given three cards.

If you have bet for 2 coins and the other player has placed 4 coins, it means that the previous player has to place four additional coins. Rest, to have details on royal1688, keep tuned with us!

Rules of playing Teen Patti:

The whole objective of playing Teen Patti is to maintain the main 3-card hand as well as increment the pot before the game reaches its ending phase.

If you have set three cards in similar positions, it means their ranking will be the highest. In addition, three aces have always been marked as the highest. On the other hand, three two’s are believed as the lowest.

The player can either go with the pure sequence or he can opt for the straight flush sequence while playing Teen Patti. If he makes a sequence of three consecutive cards, then he might win the game.

If the three colors are in the same color and similar suit, it means you have the highest-ranking cards in your hands.

When it comes to pairing the cards, make sure that two cards have to be of the same and exact rank. Thus, between the two pairs, that pair will come out to be a winner who has the highest value.

If both of the pairs have the same value, in this situation, the kicker card is going to decide and declare the winner.

Other Rules of playing Teen Patti:

Moreover, for those players who have a high card, their chances of winning are more. In the high card category, the three cards of Teen Patti are not in the same sequence.

The high cards do not belong to a similar suit; they do not have a similar color.

If both of the players have the common high card, in this stance, the elevated card will be marked and considered as the final winner. These are all of the basic rules that you should keep in mind when playing Teen Patti.

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This is a feature-rich card game and you will like playing it too. The advanced technology is used in Teen Patti so that players may run this game smoothly on their desktop, Android, and even on the IOS platforms.


So, are you ready to play Teen Patti? You should be! It is one of the popular and massively played household card games. It encases itself with Indian origin.

If you have played Teen Patti, do let us know your review. Did you know it grew and progressed itself into one of the highest-grossing games so far, yes it is true! On the global level, the game of Teen Patti contains more than 6 million active players on a monthly basis. How amazing it is!