A zombie costume can be certainly an ideal way to zest up ones Halloween presence. It can be a topical, classic, and scary one that would turn few heads. With lots of zombie books, movies as well as television shows such as The Walking Dead, do you think the undead can ever go out of style? The answer is certainly, no. Thus, shake up things and start to wear only an undead banana costume to allure everyones attention in the dark night of Halloween. Zombies have enjoyed enough popularity and attention which is simply astounding. Some liquid latex to create wounds, fake blood, colored lens, messed up hair, slow walking with awkward body angles and a deadpan hungry expression with some props here and there are just what you would require complementing ones zombie costumes. Well, here are some of the realistic zombie costumes that can provide an edge:

Scouts Zombie

Scouts Zombie costumes can bring into question your perceived safety in a private area. A boy or Girl Scout zombie can reach your door, ring the bell and provide you house cookies, later eating your brain.

Corporate Zombie

An old suit, better even if it is tattered or frayed around edges will give you the desired look. Just apply a light tone foundation for creating a shallow appearance, make dark circles by applying a good amount of eyeshadow. You need aim towards forming an ideal balance between the greyish white brow bones and dark circles. The cheekbones should be contoured and highlighted using a white highlighter. Carry a briefcase and coffee cup to complement your zombie corporate costume.

Chef or Baker Zombie

A chef zombie with the propensity to crimp ones head in a saucepan or a bake zombie with the ability to bake body parts into a pie can be a great idea for your Halloween party. You need to wear a white apron, a chef hat as well as carry few props like a fake brain in a jar or a pie stuffed with body parts or one faux meat cleaver.

Disney Princess Zombie

Disney princesses have set an unrealistic standard for childhood days in various aspects of life ranging from the quest for true love, gender suited behaviour or standard of beauty as fairy tales always has a happy ending. But now you can break out of this assigned mould but wear a Disney princesses costume and zombie-fy it. This is one of the best zombie costume ideas you can try to stand out your terrifying look.

Surgeon Zombie

Well, Surgeon Zombie costume idea can create a nightmare. Such a costume is certainly flawless on the terrifying scale. You would just need a doctors scrubs or coat to put it on, fake blood, make false protruding flesh using crumpled tissue paper, colour and glue, dressing you simply perfect to go. A pair of white or grey-white circle lenses could render an added attraction.

Thus, get a zombie costume as per your wish to attend the Halloween party. The above-mentioned ideas will surely help you a lot in making you stand-out perfectly.