Often, gardens are one of the most overlooked aspects of your property- especially if you live in a country that tends to have consistent bad weather. As we have been confined to our home during the pandemic, most homeowners have realised the importance of ensuring our gardens are well kept and are a place that is useful, beautiful and fun- so we can make the most of those precious few warm weather months. There are so many little things that you can do to make your garden decorative, warm and inviting- without breaking the bank. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled the top tips when it comes to revamping and decorating your garden.

Incorporate Stylish Furniture:

There’s no point in having a well-decorated garden if you can’t sit down and enjoy what you have created. Therefore, it’s a good idea to set up a comfy and stylish seating area where you can rest and have some peace and quiet. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Fill open areas that face a view with seating, so people can look at the scenic views.
  • Place your seating at sensible points throughout your garden. You don’t want the seating to look crowded or like an afterthought.
  • Think strategically. Place some seats where the sun will hit for those who love to bask in the sun and more hidden spots for those who want to relax in the shade. Perhaps incorporating a bench into an alcove or neat large flowering plants for a hideaway would be a good idea.
  • Ensure you have one cosy lounging area that can cater for family dinners or social events. You need furniture that can withstand exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.
  • You can always add fun seating elements to your garden such as a rustic tire swing, to bring a sense of fun to your garden.

Create a Sense of Cohesion:

However, the interior of your home is designed, this can be carried through to the garden area. Your garden is an extension of your home, so creating an alikeness between the two demonstrates that you have thought about the decoration and style of your garden. This can be easily achieved by using similar ornaments found in the house in the garden, or using similar materials in terms of concrete, flagstones. Additionally, if you have bright colours in your home, why not carry that through to the garden?

Dress Up the Entrance:

Even if your garden is small, dressing up the entranceway will have a significant impact on how your garden looks and feels, right off the onset. It adds a sense of mystery and expansiveness to that of an ordinary entrance, as well as adding a notion of fantasy to the garden. To achieve this, you could incorporate an arch over the gate of your garden, covered in flourishing flowers. A walkway made of paving stones to your seating area will mark the transition to different areas in the garden.

 Installing Features:

Make your garden a place of interest and life by adding various features around it. If you love nature and want to invite more animals to your garden, then incorporate a bird feeder somewhere in your garden so you can relax and watch nature flock to your garden. Alternatively, if your garden is used for more social purposes, why not install a fire pit? Not only do they look stylish and chic in any garden, but they’re also practical as they allow you to be outside for late-night drinks and chats without getting cold. If you are set on adding elements of serenity to your garden, then adding water features to your garden is a great idea. They include nature in your garden space and can present a calming effect.


Lighting is such an important feature of any garden and can totally transform any area. It can change your garden from a fun area filled with daytime activities to a romantic landscape after dark- which can be easily done by placing electric spotlight trees, light up paths and soft lanterns around the garden. You might want to invest in something with a soft glow, as some outdoor lighting is essentially floodlighting for security purposes, so that might be slightly off-putting.