With the growing hype all around the world regarding at-home gel manicures, are you also considering investing in the gel manicure kit? Well, there is no doubt that the launch of an at-home gel manicure kit has made pampering your nails more affordable. You can now get lustrous and beautiful nails at home without professional help using DIY gel nail kits. Keep reading through to understand if investing in a gel nail manicure kit is a wise idea.

Is the gel manicure kit worth the hype?

Since the breakdown of the COVID-19 pandemic and the imposition of lockdown, women have been struggling to get professional grooming. However, this calls for the need to learn self-grooming rather than depending on stylists. The at-home gel nail grooming kit has proved to be the most cost-effective alternative to frequent nail salon visits. Women can save a lot of bucks by embellishing their nails at home and ensuring the safety of their families. If you are wondering whether you will be able to manage to do gel nails at home, you must be assured that it is quite an easy procedure. Your hands deserve all the love and pampering which can be given at the comfort of your home in the most pocket-friendly manner. 

What are the considerations before doing your gel nails at home?

If you are now convinced to invest in the most elegant gel nail kit and embellish your nails at home, here are a few things to be kept in mind before you go ahead:

  • Prepare your nails before applying the base coat. You can do this by removing the dead skin cells to give a professional touch to your at-home manicure. 
  • Provide adequate hydration to your cuticles and push them back. 
  • File the uneven edges to help the base coat settle evenly on your nails.  
  • Use the UV lamp to instantly dry and harden your gel nail polish.  

What are the ingredients of the at-home gel manicure kit?

Now that you are intrigued by all the hype about gel manicure kits, are you wondering what are the ingredients of the DIY gel nail kit? Well, keep reading through to find out:

1. Base Coat

The base coat is a transparent liquid substance applied to your pre-prepped nails. The base coat is primarily used to act as a protective layer between your nails and the gel polish. Moreover, the base coat allows individuals to experiment and get creative on an artificial layer of gel polish. Individuals also find it convenient to remove their gel nail polish when they are bored.  

2. Nail Stickers

The elegant designs and colors of gel nail stickers allow the user to use them with matching outfits to set a style statement. 

3. Top Coat

The high shine top-coat is also a prime ingredient of a gel nail kit which imparts a lustrous finish to your gel nails. The top-coat seals off your best at-home manicure with long-lasting, glossy polish.

4. UV Lamp

The UV lamp for gel nails is primarily used to cure your gel nails within a few seconds and make them last longer than acrylic nails. 

Use them at home gel nail polish kit to embellish your nails at the comfort of your home!