Did you know that there are more guns in the United States than there are people? This is due to there being plenty of people that own not one, but many weapons. Enthusiasts and collectors can amass quite the collection of firearms.

When the holidays come around, it can be difficult to find gifts for gun collectors. If you’ve been struggling to come up with some solid gift ideas for gun collectors, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our top ten choices on excellent gifts.

1. Rugged Safety Gear

One of the first things on any sane gun collector’s mind is safety gear. This makes it an excellent choice for you to start your hunt for good gifts for gun lovers. No gun can be shot safely without the proper safety gear, rendering an entire collection useless.

To that end, consider purchasing your favorite gun collector a set of safety gear. We don’t mean just buying a new pair of wrap-around glasses and putting it into a gift bag, of course. 

Any gun collector would be excited to receive a full new kit of safety gear. New earmuffs, new safety glasses, and something to protect the hands. This can vary depending on what sort of guns your giftee collects, so read about what the best safety accessories might be for them.

2. High-Quality Ammunition

Some gun collectors like to purchase a gun and leave it on display, never to be touched. This is especially true amongst those that collect older or antique weapons. If this is the case, there’s a decent chance that they aren’t spending much time – if any – firing anything from their collection.

However, if your favorite enthusiast uses their firearms, some high-quality ammunition can be a great gift. A thousand rounds of discount ammo pale in comparison to a smaller amount of expensive, top-shelf ammunition to spoil your friend. This is especially the case for non-standard ammunition. 

A box of tracer rounds can make an outing much more enjoyable, as well as improving your enthusiast’s shooting. Special ammunition like hollowpoints, full metals, and even incendiary rounds for the right gun can be a real treat as well. Consider what’s compatible with your friend’s firearms before you purchase anything they can’t use.

3. Personalized Accessories

Anyone can just grab a gun bag off of the shelf of the local sporting store and wrap it up for a gift. This is nice, and most people probably won’t scoff at the gift. Still, if you’re searching for unique gifts for gun collectors, this won’t do.

Instead, consider making their accessories special and personalized. The same gun bag can have a great amount of sentimental value with the right personalization. Even just sewing some patches on will make your favorite gun enthusiast feel much more loved.

Accessories for the gun itself are also a great idea. With permission, your enthusiast might love for you to pay to have their initials or something similar etched into their gun. Still, make absolutely certain you have permission, or you might have your plan backfire a bit.

4. Adjustable Scope

An adjustable scope won’t be good for every weapon, of course. But if your friend collects weapons that would match with a scope, a stylish adjustable scope is an excellent gift.

The best gift for gun collector and gun enthusiast alike is something that goes great both on display and in use. A scope can give a hunting rifle the classic appearance that really draws a collection together. If your enthusiast friend uses the rifle for sport as well, they’ll be thankful for having a high-quality scope.

5. Gift Card to the Range

Sometimes, it can be difficult to pick an exact item to purchase for someone. Often this is where we all fall back on the most reliable option of all – gift cards. No one doesn’t appreciate being given funds that they can use to enjoy their hobby.

The same applies for gun collectors and enthusiasts. A day out on the range is a fantastic gift that any gun enthusiast would be thankful to have. Look into what your friend’s favorite range is to make sure that you’re purchasing them a gift card that they can use to enjoy a day off.

Of course, there are many gun collectors that don’t go to a range. If this is the case, consider purchasing a gift card for a business that you know they frequently use. Online retailers and local shops both often sell gift cards, so you shouldn’t run out of options.

6. Reusable Targets

Paper targets and foam figures are nice, but a few shots can render them useless. This makes them a consumable luxury that many gun enthusiasts wish they could have more of. In this case, the best gift isn’t “more” but “better.”

Your favorite gun enthusiast would likely love to have a reusable target that won’t give out after a few uses. A steel tree with targets that snap back will last much longer than more fragile targets. Obviously, the trade-off is that it ends up more expensive, but a gift is a gift!

There are also many metal targets that could be designed as an animal or elaborate target. This is where a bit of personalization comes in. Purchase a reusable target that you know your loved one will appreciate and you have both a practical and a thoughtful gift in one.

7. Skeet Shooting Clays

That isn’t to say that every target should be reusable, of course. Skeet shooting as a sport is based heavily on clays that shatter when shot. Purchasing skeet targets that don’t break isn’t only removing half the fun, but can even create a hazard.

Purchasing a large set of skeet shooting clays for your friend can give them many afternoons of enjoyment. Make sure that you purchase high-quality clays, as discount clays can fly poorly or even shatter when launched. You’ll want to buy quite a few, though, as skeet shooting clays are consumed quickly.

8. Display Cases

Much of what we’ve discussed has focused on using guns, but not all collectors use the guns in their collection. One of the most universal gifts for gun lovers is a display case that lets them show off their favorite item.

To that end, consider purchasing a lovely display case for your friend’s firearm. This will obviously have to be adjusted to whatever the items in their collection might be. If your friend collects rifles and you bring them a pistol display case, you’ll likely just hope you kept your receipt.

It’s also a lovely idea to give a friend a new firearm for their collection already inside of a display case. If you intend to gift a firearm, consider this as a clever wrapping idea. It’s two gifts in one and gives them an excellent way to display their new item.

9. Shooting Gloves

We’ve already discussed safety gear, but shooting gloves are a gift all on their own. Many safety gloves can focus solely on safety and rarely on comfort or style. Obviously, safety comes first, but does that really mean that you should get your friend a pair of ugly, uncomfortable gloves?

Instead, consider purchasing some quality shooting gloves. You might also think about personalizing the gloves with something to make it sentimental and special. This way your friend doesn’t only have some great safety gloves, but also has something that they can look forward to wearing out to the range.

10. Gun Safe

Gun storage is vital for anyone who collects guns, even if their collection is only at a single handgun. When thinking of personalized gun gifts, consider looking into purchasing your friend a gun safe. This is an excellent way to keep their guns stored safely and inaccessible for anyone that shouldn’t be snooping around.

Friends with families – especially those that have children – will be thankful to have something to keep their guns out of curious hands. It can also be what keeps their gun in their belonging if a robbery occurs. And while it’s useful for keeping unauthorized hands away, it’s also great just for protecting a gun from elements or being stylish.

Gifts for Gun Collectors

While these ten items are our personal suggestions, there’s an endless number of utilities and accessories you can purchase as gifts for gun collectors. If none of these items call out to you, consider using them as an excellent start for your research. Consider what the enthusiast you’re shopping for already owns so you can ensure your gift is a new addition to their collection.

If you’re looking for more ideas on unique gifts for gun collectors, read through our blog and catalog for more ideas. Be sure to contact us with any questions as well.