Gaskets are a very important component that prevents leakages. There are a number of gaskets that manufacturers go for, such as metallic gaskets, non-metallic gaskets, and semi-metallic gaskets. However, in this post, we will pay attention to flexitallic gaskets, which are usually known as spiral wound gaskets. They fall in the category of semi-metallic gaskets. 

These are often used gaskets as used for vital applications which run in high pressure and have the capacity to withstand up to 550°C. In fact, the metallic gaskets ensure the balance in case the temperature & pressure change during the sealing process. Therefore, manufacturers experience outstanding yet secure sealing. 

These gaskets are made up of soft gasket filler and a metal strip. Then are built up by winding together both the filler & metal. The filler is very critical as it is the major seal that combat leakages. On the other hand, a metal strip offers structural strength. One might have an idea how the flexitallic gasket is beneficial. But for a more clear picture, let’s learn in-depth about the advantages.

Pros of a Flexitallic Gasket

#1 The first advantage is that it serves many roles. We all usually know about sealing and leak prevention. However, other features such as padding shield against environmental contaminants and reduce vibration. 

#2 Another pro benefit of this gasket is that it works pretty well in increased temperatures & pressures ( also discussed above). In addition, it also worlds well in corrosive surroundings. 

#3 The gasket offers to pad like a spring which makes it ideal for numerous work environments, and this makes it the most sought-after gasket. 

#4 The gasket can be tailored to various operating conditions. All one needs to do is to combine different winding materials & metals. However, professional assistance may be required. 

#5 The outer part (it’s the ring) of the gasket is the main aspect that prevents the gasket from blowing out. Whereas the inner ring eliminates the flow of soft fillers and overcomes turbulence. Thus, reduce flow resistance. 

#6 There is also a centre ring that acts as compression, preventing overloading & over-compression. It also works as extra security. 

How are  Flexitallic Gaskets Manufactured?

As discussed above, the gaskets are manufactured by winding metal strips & soft filler material. That’s why it falls in the semi-metallic gasket. However, some basic materials include carbon-rich, flexible graphite, stainless steel, etc. The material can be changed based on the manufacturer’s needs. Other factors that are kept in mind to make the gasket are fluid concentration, corrosive nature, material cost, operating temperature, chemical compatibility, and fluid concentration. To control the additional pressure, the gasket contains a steel ring that protects the winding from any sort of damages. 

Where are they used?

This semi-metallic gasket is designed in a way to operate in severe conditions of pressure & temperature. The gasket can be used in petrochemicals, refineries, etc. So, they are the perfect fit for the industries that deal in high-pressure applications. 

Ensure to make the right choice of the gasket to protect from any leakages or machinery damages.