Did you know that spending time outdoors leads to less stress, a stronger immune system, and overall improved health and well-being? Not everyone loves the outdoors because they don’t have a space fit for them.

Planning a garden layout that is right for you is not an easy task. You have to find things that fit your personality and make you want to go outside.

Luckily, we are here to help! Read on for ideas on how to create a garden layout you’ll adore.

Plan Around the Sunlight

Planning your garden layout around natural sunlight is the best idea for any garden, but especially for areas that are around built-up surroundings. Small gardens won’t survive without natural sunlight.

If you don’t plan to plant flower beds or create a vegetable garden, you’ll still want to position your outdoor furniture in the sunlight if you enjoy sitting in the sun. If you prefer the shade, set your seating in a shady area instead.

Create Different Zones

One of the more popular garden landscaping ideas is to create different zones to make the area feel bigger. You can give the impression of space by using different-sized paving or hiding the seating area with plant-covered screens.

Other geat zoning ideas include using walling, plants, screens, and changes in the materials. A popular change in paving materials is using a lawn to get to the deck area.

However, there are bolder options like creating a brick path to a stone terrace. Decorative stones and paving slabs can help create garden boundaries as well.

Use Your Favorite Colors

Your space is all about you so use colors that make you happy to help you split up sections to create the perfect garden layout. Navy, pastel pinks, vivid purples, and melony greens are among the most popular options.

You can paint windowsills, walls, fences, and even outdoor flooring these colors to help split up zones. This technique is often referred to as color blocking. Using a palette of complementary colors adds more depth to gardens.

If your garden is a flower garden, match it with your patio furniture or the zone that the flower beds lie in.

Plant Canopy

One of the most popular garden design trends, if you are looking to create a secluded seating area, is to design a plant canopy. Unless you purchase large plants that are already bedded, this design can take time from scratch.

You can section off an area of your garden by using tall plants and small trees. This creates your very own natural lush canopy.

Add your favorite comfy outdoor lounging chair and some ambient lighting to make it more you. For the ultimate backyard retreat, position it away from your house.

Add Some Height

If you have a small garden plot but want to add more to your space, you can plant vertically. This is a great way to add more greenery when you otherwise could not.

Living walls are only a good idea under certain circumstances because they can soften landscaping materials and harsh lines. If a living wall is not right for your home, look for hanging planters to plant herbs, vegetables, or flowers.

Split Up Seating Areas

If you have patio furniture that doesn’t seem to match the others, don’t get rid of it! Instead, split up your seating areas if you have room for them.

Some feel like large trees takes up too much space in their backyards. You can actually create seating areas around them as well. Building a bench around the trunks of your trees can create an additional place to sit.

You can even use this area to decorate with more plants or place outdoor lighting fixtures. Natural wood materials can create a laid-back vibe, but the choice is up to you.

Opt for Minimal Fencing

Fencing is a great way to block off your area from nosy neighbors, but minimal fencing is a trend that many people love. Minimal fencing allows for more views and can make your garden feel more spacious.

Instead of using solid fencing, opt for a subtle barrier like wrought iron fencing or something similar. These fences won’t block lighting or views. When you position your garden to face your new fence, you’ll feel a better sense of space.

Use Trees to Break up Space

Placing large trees in your garden is great for creating a focal point especially if your backyard is a small space. You can use potted trees for smaller areas so that you can have more than one.

Small garden trees can make a garden feel larger. You can plant trees in the middle or around decking to break up space easier.

Add a Fire Pit

If you don’t have a green thumb but still want an outdoor area with a nice focal point, add a fire pit instead. Not only is this a great design idea, but it can create a shape in your garden that leads to a unique zone.

Fire pits don’t have to take up a lot of room either. If you have the budget for it, opt for a sleek standing style or a small basket design.

You don’t need to place your patio furniture around the fire pit to create a great space, you can go simple and just use casual cushions. Floor cushions and outdoor beanbags allow you to sit closer to your fire pit and soak up the warmth.

What’s Your Perfect Garden Layout?

There are plenty of ways to divide your garden even if it is smaller than you’d like. Color blocking, paving, and adding interesting focal points are all things you can do to create the perfect garden layout.

The perfect garden layout looks different for everyone so don’t be afraid to take these ideas and make them your own.

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