A sound body and a sound mind is a good set for doing work and it gives full potential to do work. But it is difficult to be healthy and have a good body to do work . So we must maintain a healthy body to do work and be potential to be full of energy and have a balanced health. We must not be overweight or underweight as both of them are risky for our health and we should try to remain balanced in between the overweight and underweight. There are a number of ways by which we can have a healthy body and follow a healthy diet by which we can be healthy and disease free. We should follow a diet plan having foods rich in calorie, vitamins, minerals and fats. We should intake carbohydrates in our body to be normal weighted that is neither  overweight or underweight.

Top 10 foods healthy in diet

Homemade granola :

Homemade granola is also better for gaining diet and helps in adding carbohydrates to the body and they should be added to the diet. It is also easy to make at home by adding honey and vegetable oils and edible oils to the salt less butter and nuts and grains and seeds to it. This also helps in adding weight to the underweight persons. This also saves from becoming obese.

Meats(chicken legs) :

Meats are very much important for gaining weight to the body if anyone is not vegan or non vegetarian. Meats add a lot of calories to the body .Meat legs are full of calories and proteins it contains 97 calories and 12 grams of proteins. It is one of the most calorie added food item that can be eaten to gain weight.

Firm tofu:

If we are vegan and cannot opt for meats then we can go for firm tofu. It is formed of bringing out the milk from soya chunks and pressing curds into solid cubes it has got different softness and contains a lot of proteins and when eaten adds up weight to the body.

Fish(salmon) :

Consuming sea food is important for gaining weight . Salmon has got high amount of proteins and fats inside them, it contains fatty acids( omega-3) and proteins inside them which helps in gaining fat and reducing heart diseases. It also contains vitamin B.

Avocados :

 Consuming avocados help in adding weight to the body and full of nutrition as they contains proteins and vitamin K, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin E in them and also contain more proteins than bananas they help in protecting the body from diseases and also help in protecting our eyes.


There is a present report that women of older age are more likely to fall in disease due to underweight . One of the main disease is infertility and other diseases like malnutrition and osteoporosis and other complexities during surgery. So women must keep in mind to remain in normal weight and not be underweight or overweight or obese. As, both of them are risky for the women as this may lead to various kind of heart diseases and other diseases too so, women must follow a strict diet plan containing healthy foods rich in carbohydrates , vitamins and minerals and calories and fats as well these foods includes wholesome bowl of rice, milk, dairy products, fish, meat, chicken, pork , beef etc . All the food items are important as they contain carbohydrates , fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in them.