Vasectomy refers to a simple birth control surgery that urologists perform on men. In this operation, these medical specialists cut off each of the vas deferens tubes, which are found in the scrotum of their patients. These are ducts that carry the sperm into the semen during ejaculation when the men have sexual intercourse with their wives or partners. As a result, women cannot become pregnant and bear children.

Knowing where to get a vasectomy procedure

Numerous medical clinics and hospitals throughout the country perform vasectomy procedures on male patients. You just need to search online to find out where to get a vasectomy procedure. However, the clinic you finally shortlist or select should have a good market reputation for conducting successful vasectomy surgeries. Fortunately, you can verify the clinic’s claim by browsing through its official website’s previous online customer reviews. Then, you need to schedule a consultation session to see one of the clinic’s urologists.

Preparing for the vasectomy procedure

The urologist will discuss your case and conduct a preliminary medical check-up on the day of the appointment. This medical specialist will go on to enquire about your health and the current medication you are taking. He will also what to know if you have undergone this procedure before. Finally, the urologist will instruct you to:

  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs for at least 48 hours before the procedure,
  • Sign a consent form,
  • Arrange for a relative to drive you home after the surgery,
  • Shower and shave the public hair around the scrotum on the day of the surgery, and
  • Wear comfortable clothes and athletic supporter on the day of the operation.

On the day of the vasectomy, a nurse will show you to the urologist’s chamber and ask you to wear a nursing gown. Then, the urologist will arrive to administer local anesthesia to your scrotum and give youpain relief medicine. The medication will help you overcome any discomfort during the surgery. The medical specialist will proceed to make two small incisions in the scrotum using a scalpel. The cuts will enable the urologists to locate the vas deferens tubes and sever them with the scalpel. He will proceed to stitch up the ends of vas deferens tubes to complete the surgery.

The urologist will then send you home after 30 minutes. On arriving home, you need to apply an ice pack on your groin to ease the swelling, bruising, and possible bleeding. You might have to wait until after 48 hours to take a shower and dry the scrotum with a damp towel. You should also avoid all kinds of strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for at least seven days after the surgery. However, you should consult the urologist if you experience severe pain in the scrotum, a lump growing in the region, fever, or have trouble urinating.

Finding out where to get a vasectomy procedure is a perfect way for you to plan your family. However, you need to ensure the medical practitioner performing the surgery has relevant experience and board certification credentials. Moreover, this medical specialist should have an impressive track record of successful operations.