Lung cancer tends to emerge when one of the lungs is prone to damage. It tends to duplicate in an uncontrollable manner and then go on to form a mass. It is then it starts to spread to other parts of the body as well. As all of us are aware the lung is divided into lobs. The left portion has a couple of lobs whereas the right has 3 lobes. Some of the symptoms of lung cancer are a cough which simply refuses to go down, or losing your voice over a period of time.

If you are into smoking this happens to be the main cause of lung cancer. If you live or work with people who smoke then as a second-hand smoker the risk increases as well. If you have a family history or it could be that exposure to chemicals also increases the chances of lung cancer. As the symptoms of lung cancer are rare, it is fairly difficult to diagnose lung cancer in the early stages. But some of the diagnostic tests are as follows

  • Sputum test- with this type of test it is determined whether cancer cells are present or not
  • Chest X-ray with the help of X-ray low radiation images is being used.

With the help of the stage of lung cancer, it is easy to find out whether cancer has spread over from the original site. If the doctor is aware of the extent of cancer they can prepare the plan of treatment. In stage 1 it is localized and at a smaller level. In the next couple of stages, it means that it has spread over to the surrounding structures. When it is stage 4 it has spread to outside the original site of the body.

The disease is assumed to be limited when it is seen in a single lung. You can confer it is an extensive disease when it is gone on to spread outside the lung to the other parts of the body. Cancer tends to spread outside the body early on. Even if the doctor would not have seen, some cells would have broken away and made their entry into the bloodstream. In order to be safe, the small cell lung cancer is conferred of not having spread.

As far as the surgery evolves it depends upon the location along with the size of a tumor. It is normally used for small cell cancer that has not spread to other parts of the body. There are various ways you can plan the surgery. It has to be said that lung cancer treatment cost in India does work out to be on the lesser side.

Most people are really worried about lung cancer treatment because of the various complications it can lead to. Though side effects are common you can face up to them with the help of medicines. As far as the benefits it depends on the stage of cancer you find yourself at.