Renovation of the corporate office is the call of the hour as the offices are testing waters with hybrid working styles. With companies working in shifts and with a few days a week in the office, the older office set-up is turning increasingly obsolete. Though the market conditions are showing an upward trend, the economic impact of covid is still lingering which means every step needs to be budget-wise too.

Following are a few tips to make sure that the renovation that you undertake in your office is budget-friendly.

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Set Clear Objectives

Involve as many people as possible in the project and make sure everyone gives their input. A successful office renovation is one that offers value to all its users one way or another. Once the inputs are collected, clear goals and objectives need to be set. The renovation project should be both time and budget bound with clear weekly goals. Top interior designers in bangalore feel that clearer the objectives,the more economical and faster the project can be finished.

Measure and quantify the  space and work

It is necessary to get actual measurements of the space which is to be renovated. At this stage, the decorators should be given quantified goals. For eg, A clarity as to how much per of space needs to be left open and how much can be filled with furniture, props etc needs to be frozen

Check Compliance rules of the land

Every country and state has its own rules for erecting buildings and these laws have by-laws about renovation too. It is imperative to know these rules on a first-term basis. It is more economical to research and study the laws than to spend on tearing down or paying the fine for non-adherence.

Validation from the Landlord

Many times, the tenant believes that his tenancy agreement covers the renovation part especially if they are paying the rent regularly. This is not always true. Also, no landlord would be happy to know that the building is being renovated without his permission. Most of them would be very obliging if we approach them beforehand rather than the other way round.

Choose a décor in line with the Company image

The office should double up as the company brand ambassador. This is a place that is the physical manifestation of the company and so should be put out the same. Renovation should only enhance the image of the company. The décor should speak the language of the company.

Utility and comfort over aesthetics

The utility of the space should always be prioritised over the looks. Every inch of the office space should be used without any wastage. Similarly, the layout and positioning of the furniture should be done keeping in mind the comfort of moving around the office users. The furniture should be chosen keeping in mind the comfort of the user. Even the best interior designers in bangalore follow the same mantra.

Décor in line with furniture and colour scheme

The theme of the company brand should be threaded equally among furniture, décor and the colour scheme of the office. The furniture and the décor should be woven into the same tone that the colours palette brings out. The alignment should be one of the most important points to be taken care of during the renovation

The balance between budget and quality

Renovation budget is always a heavy drag on the resources and so sticking to the budget is very important however while budgeting it is necessary to remember that low price need not always mean value for money. It is important to do a bit of research and find the best decorators in Bangalore and make sure that you get value for your money.

Multi-use and flexible

With changing times, it is necessary to understand that being flexible is the best way to handle change. In the present scenario, needs and requirements are changing on a day to day basis. It is important to incorporate flexibility into the renovation process too. Multi Use furniture, three in one use electronics etc are better placed in today’s environment.

Environment friendly

With the persisting need to go green in an attempt to save whatever is left, it is also important to opt for environmentally friendly options. Renovation can add a greater value to the company if it is also a go-green project.