A facelift is a surgical procedure that cosmetic surgeons perform to make you appear younger than your actual biological age. In this treatment, the medical specialists elevate your facial skin to tighten the underlying tissues and connect muscles. Then, they proceed to sculpt, cutaway and re-distribute the fat covering your face. Finally, the surgeons will re-drape the facial skin over the new contours of your face. I doing so, they remove the excess skin to give you a youthful appearance.

To undergo a facelift procedure, you need to search online for cosmetic surgery clinics near your locality that conduct this treatment. The clinics you shortlist should have a good reputation in the market, as evident from customers’ reviews on their websites. Then, you need to select one which suits your time and budget. Finally, you should book an appointment with one of the clinic’s cosmetic surgeons who will perform the procedure. During this one-to-one consultation, the medical specialist will:

  • Give you a preliminary check-up and ask why you want to take the procedure, and
  • Enquire about your general health and the medications you are currently taking.

The surgeon will go on instructed to avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs and smoking for a few days prior to the operation.

On the day of the procedure

On the day of the procedure, one of the clinic’s nurses will accompany you to the operating theatre. A technician will sedate you with either local or general anesthesia. Then, the cosmetic surgeon will make a number of incisions on your face. These small cuts are necessary to separate the skin from the muscles and the underlying connecting tissues. The incisions also allow the medical specialist to re-position the deeper tissues so as to make a firmer foundation for facial skin.

In the best facelift procedure, jowls and excess skin are removed from the skin. The cosmetic surgeon will proceed to carefully re-drape the remaining facial skin over the new contours of the facial tissues. This gives your face a smooth and youthful appearance without having to over-tighten the facial skin. Finally, the surgeon will stitch up the incisions.


After the procedure, the clinic’sorderlies will transfer you to a recovery ward. During this phase, you might experience moderate pain due to the incision stitches starting to heal. Even your facial skin will start to swell, show signs of bruising, and feel numb. Fortunately, these minor side-effects will subside over time. However, the surgeon might want to keep you under observation for at least 24 hours after the procedure. This precaution is to ensure you do not have irregular heartbeats, difficulties in breathing, facial, neck, or chest pain.

The best faceliftsurgerycan enable you to regain a naturally youthful appearance. However, you need to ensure the cosmetic surgeon conducting the procedure is trustworthy and has a good track record. This medical specialist should have the relevant experience and credentials to perform this operation, as his/her board certifications will prove. Above all, you should be comfortable talking to your specialist so that on the day of the procedure, you are relaxed and can alleviate tensions.