A lot of debate is going on about the cord blood banking. Nowadays this field is being pursued nearly in all the developed countries that are doing a lot for the advancement of technology. Basically, cord blood is simply the blood obtained from the umbilical cord of the newly born baby. As far as the banking of that blood is concerned, it is stored in the blood bank for use in future. The cells that are worth to obtain are those resembling stem cells. The function for which they are obtained is also nearly the same but not that exact which makes them more efficient than stem cells of bone marrow. Here, the term, ‘functions’ should be used rather than just ‘function’ because of the “endless” uses these cells have. “Endless” in the sense that this blood was found to be immensely useful after a number of abortive attempts and the uses are still being explored.

A number of experiments were and are carried out in which scientists and researchers explored and are exploring more and more uses along with a couple of limitations too. The baby who is newly born, his/her blood is collected for his/her own treatments in the future and for the siblings too. So far, a few of such experiments are carried out which can prove the reliability of this blood for the recipient who is not a relative. In fact, it can be proved successful but not that much as in those cases involving the donating and receiving between the relatives. The one advantage of cord blood banking that is noticeable is that over the stem cells. With the cord blood banking, your child can be saved from the diseases that are to come in future with no any pain or much trouble. As painfully as the stem cells are collected from bone marrow one may not bear it for one’s child. Apart from this trouble, since the birth of a child, you can have it collected and stored in the blood bank and be care free for the future.

Simply the cells are injected into the blood for annihilating the disorder. It is the blood stream which makes them move across the whole body of a diseased person. Cord blood banking enables one to get rid of a tremendously huge number of diseases which include a number of thalassemias, anemia, sex-linked disorders, blood and bone marrow diseases, blood cancers, immune system disorders and a lot more. Along with a lot of uses, some researchers argue that it may not save one from every sort of disease. This cannot be called a disadvantage as it is not possible to use it as one remedy for all the disorders. Continuous research can prove to lessen these reservations too. A lot is yet to be explored which is a plus point. From the late 20th century on, the non-stop research is indicating to open new ways and means of using and may be manipulating it.