Every season, we all attend a wedding where handing over a cheque won’t work, the occasion demands a personalized gift for that particular person. Customized gifts are sure to take the couples by surprise, as they are busy guessing who can take time to think of something very personal and unique, like a photo canvas collage for them on the wedding day.

 So, for a very personalized gift, you got to know personal details too. Let’s start with some exquisite gifting ideas and also see what the things that you need to know are.

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas this Wedding Season!

a.     A customized doormat

A custom doormat with their newly wedded surname. This classic gift never goes out of style; by keeping the font style, you can control how it will end up looking. Go for a modern font and keep the size according to your preference. With the natural color palette, you don’t need to think about exterior shades.

This gift can stark a shy smile and initiate a great day whenever they are off to work. Look for shops online and also do a review before placing an order.

b.     A love photo canvas print frame

An intersection picture with their names and the first meet date and wedding date on it. This gift is a favorite one as it carries some unique details and can be their bedroom accessory. Go for 8 inches as it won’t be big enough and will also grab the attention. For the image, you can go for the intersection one or any other as per your preferences. The best online canvas printing is what you need during this pandemic season; shop safe by staying indoors.

Tip– Ensure to fix the piece between 6 to 10 inches above the furniture; you can keep a larger space frame for the bedroom.

c.      A custom map collage

Consider choosing to honor a special place for them, like the location they first saw each other or the city where they met.

For a travelholic couple, you can also create a photo collage canvas that includes a map of each destination they have been together as a couple. If the numbers are enormous, then go for the top five destinations and mention some unique details like some considered milestones in their relationship.

d.     Monogrammed couple champagne flutes

A perfect pre-wedding gift for the couple is a sheer number champagne flute that will have Mr and Mrs along with their new last names inscribed on it. For the reception, they might have something quirky while raising the toast. There are many online options; go for some classy ones and make sure how the font will look on the glass by getting some already-done images.

Golden-lined champagne flutes look elegant and are indeed anniversary goals. Just know what are they keeping their surname and for a safer bet, go for just Mister and Missus.

e.     Personalized Christmas jewel

There will be many firsts the newlyweds will have across the year, choose a great occasion and gift them something worth cherishing forever. A first Christmas welcome ornament will make the newlyweds look forward to the holiday season. Go for something personal, a piece that commemorates their love, a particular date that they celebrate, keep their surnames, and mention the date below. Add some designs to make it gorgeous, and also choose the correct font.

Tips- Keep the hues festive, yet pastel, a green and red outline does look good. Give it a try for Christmas.

f.       Pillowcases

What’s better than silk pillowcases for the newlyweds? To retain their skin and hair health, this can be a great gifting option. This gift does not go out of the household, as it lies under essentials. A silk pillowcase will be frictionless and help retain natural oil in the hair. A couple will never think of in mid of wedding preparation, so go for it and choose high-quality silk material.

You can go down the customized lane or simply get it in a readymade option. If you prefer a specific fabric type, then choose sewers who can help you with the procedure. 

g.     A classic wine holder

This is a risk-free option for a fun-loving couple. For someone who loves popping the cork will undoubtedly keep it as their indoor collection. However, choosing the right style to suit their taste will be a task. Go for a brown wooden finish one to play it safe.

h.     A dinner reservation

After hosting such a grand celebration, they need some pampering. So, a paid dinner reservation at their honeymoon spot will be the cherry on the cake. As a relative, you might know where they are planning for their honeymoon. Book advance and ask them to hold some unique gestures like a rosy dinner area or a top terrace look to add the personal touch.

Make their evening memorable by sending out love with this souvenir; for extra touches, go for a specific decor style or flower that s/he likes the most.

i.        What is an ideal wedding present?

Going through a couple’s registry is vital to do before looking for a present. See what they like and what shades are frequent in their gram. Look for their hobbies and interests. If they are fun-loving, you can go for more quirky options like coupes or tumblers.

To gift something useful, look for kitchen appliances like a French press coupled with excellent quality coffee beans to kickstart every morning. However, if you know that the newlyweds love to keep custom collectibles, go for a personalized alternative. This way, you ensure that they remember all the memorable moments; a photo collage on canvas can be the right pick here.

Wedding Gifts can be a Confusing Deal!

As soon as the wedding is announced, you might start hunting for the perfect present. However, sit back and think about their preferences, like their favorite color, some special dates, or an image of them that holds an emotional connection with them. Wedding season is on a roll; canvas photo collage seems to be a hit this year, as the gifts are personalized and even worth the cash.