With cannabis legal for recreational use in eighteen U.S. states, there’s a good chance you’re on the market for your first bong ever. Bongs are great because they provide a smoother toke when compared to joints or bowls.

Since bongs are water pipes, you don’t have to deal with the dry heat wreaking havoc on your throat and lungs.

There are countless bong options out there, with a ton of variety when it comes to materials, styles, and so much more. This means that the best bong to you might mean something different than it does to your buddy.

That being said, let’s take a look at five of the best bongs you can buy online.

1. UPC 18″ Straight Tube Bong

If you’re looking for a bong that is traditional, no-frills and gets the job done, this is a great choice. Without any crazy shapes or weird additional pieces, you’ll also find it a lot easier to keep clean once you finally google “best way to clean bong.”

Looking for a great place to get a new piece? Check out Smoke Shop Plus.

2. “Nyx” Passthrough Mini-Rig by Sesh Supply

This is another good choice from one of the best bong brands. Small enough to take with you traveling and high-quality percolation, this bong comes in a number of different color options. It’s made with thick glass throughout the whole piece, leaving you with a sturdy feeling rig indeed.

3. The Octopus Critter Bong

Are you looking for something a bit more aesthetic? If so, check out this bong by Mile High Glass. The adorable little octopus will be there to keep you company during all of your smoke sessions.

4. Wu Dynasty Vase Water Pipe

Are you looking to go with something totally different? This water pipe looks just like your grandmother’s china, except that you smoke weed with it. If you are a person with refined tastes and intelligent things to say, this is probably a pretty good bong for you.

5. The Land Yacht Ceramic Bong

Are you a minimalist at heart? Have you always been struck by simple designs and simple lines? If so, you might just love this ceramic bong by Summerland.

When it’s on your shelf, this bong looks just like a sculptural museum piece. When it’s in your hands, it hits like a champ.

Maybe the Best Bongs Were the Friends We Made Along the Way

When it comes to choosing the best bongs, it’s ultimately a matter of personal preference. That being said, it’s worth finding a reputable company and doing your research about what type of material you’d prefer. For example, plastic bongs might be cheaper, but there’s something a little suspect about repeatedly holding a flame near plastic and deeply inhaling.

A bong is often a pretty big investment, so find something that is durable, that suits your style, and that you’ll feel comfortable using for years to come. Otherwise, follow your heart!

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