Are you considering Windows vs. Mac?

Over 400 million Mac users exist in the world. If it is your first time buying a desktop computer, both PCs can offer a unique experience. However, without prior technical skills, you will have no way to determine the better choice.

To clear up this confusion, consider reading our guide below. We will discuss the differences between the two operating systems. It allows you to get the best PC for your preferences.

Mac Operating System

Apple Mac computers use macOS as their primary operating system. Apple developed and marketed this operating system in 2001. Since then, the operating system has gone through lots of changes.

Here are some considerations for the macOS:

Advantages of Using macOS

Compared to Windows, the macOS user interface is more straightforward. Even when you have no prior experience in using computers, macOS is easy to understand. You can download various applications in the Apple App Store.

Another advantage of the macOS is the risk of malware attacks is lower than Windows. Due to the latter’s increased popularity worldwide, hackers and malware developers target it more.

macOS is also compatible with other devices, as long as Apple developed them. If you plan to buy an iPhone or iPad, you will have an easier time learning how to use them. Also, you can synchronize your data between your Apple devices.

The synchronization sometimes results in duplicate files, making it necessary to clean up your music. Check out the linked guide to get rid of these audio files.

Disadvantages of Using macOS

The most significant drawback of this operating system is the limited application options. Around 3.4 million applications are available in the App Store. However, Windows has a lot more due to its popularity.

Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows first came out in 1985, months after the release of classic macOS. Its popularity has been indisputable since then. Here are some things to consider:

Advantages of Using Windows

The majority of hardware manufacturing companies offer Windows OS support. When you want to replace your old hardware, you need not worry about compatibility. macOS can never achieve this level due to its more exclusive nature.

Also, hardcore video gamers will benefit more when using Windows. All famous computer games are often more compatible with this operating system. After all, game developers think about Windows users when making games.

Disadvantages of Using Windows

As stated before, Windows is massively popular. It is the reason most hackers and malware developers target Windows computers. The worst part is the built-in security feature is inadequate to ward off virus attacks.

When you use a Windows PC, installing third-party antivirus software is a must. After that, you must buy essential applications like the Microsoft Office suite.

Windows vs. Mac: What Should You Use?

We hope our guide allowed you to choose between Windows vs. Mac. The ideal operating system depends on your preferences. Regardless, think about the compatibility, security, and types of applications you plan to use in the future.

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