Nobody has enough storage space. Most homeowners max out the storage space in their homes and even use their garages for storage. In fact, 25% of homeowners can’t even fit their car in the garage.

So many people resort to storage facilities, where they pay a high monthly fee to keep their stuff. But this isn’t very effective, since it becomes a hassle to access your belongings when needed.

A better option would be to invest in a proper storage shed for your yard. There are many different types of sheds available, and you don’t have to choose one that’s tacky.

Depending on the type of shed chosen, a smart homeowner can use it for yard equipment, residential storage, or even as a workshop or home office.

Read on below to learn about the best sheds available to put wasted yard space to use. 


One of the simplest shed designs available is a lean-to shed. These residential sheds are perfect for small yards. The back of the shed leans up against a wall of your home. This means your home forms the back wall, saving money by only needing to purchase materials for three walls instead of four.

The roof slopes away from the home. They are typically small and meant primarily for garden tools and lawn equipment. They will come with pegboards inside, making it easy to hang smaller tools for easy access. 

For smaller amounts of store space, these are great little sheds that you can tuck away from your main yard space. 

A-Frame Shed

When most people choose a backyard shed, they choose an a-frame style. These have roofs that peak in the center and slop down either side, creating an A-shape. 

They look simple, yet elegant in the backyard as they are often designed to match the home itself. With the high-pitch roof, you can create additional storage space by adding loft boards, putting that pitched ceiling to work. 

Barn or Gambrel Style Sheds

Another popular style is the barn or gambrel style shed. These are common on larger, more rural properties, but you can find smaller gambrel sheds in suburban neighborhoods too. 

They feature double-swung doors or barn-style sliding doors. This wide entry point makes it easy to store large equipment like sit-on-top mowers. 

The steep roof slope means a lot of vertical space, providing ample headroom and letting you store taller tools and objects. You can also use it to add loft boards and create additional storage space up top. 

You can use larger gambrel sheds as a workshop along with storage space, thanks to the tall, comfortable space inside. 

Garden Sheds

Simple garden sheds are lightweight and can be as small or large as you want. These are typically made of metal that provides ample protection without the weight. 

Smaller sheds can easily fit in carports, where you want to keep tools and equipment safe. Standalone sheds can be placed anywhere. Larger utility sheds made of the same material can even house one or two cars, or be used as a workshop. 

Sheds n More is one of the premier providers of lightweight garden and utility sheds. 

Craftsmen Sheds

Craftsmen-style sheds are some of the most elegant sheds you can buy. They look like miniature homes, complete with shingle roofs, standard doors, and sometimes include windows. 

While more expensive, the sophisticated exterior can match and compliment your home. You can use them as a storage shed, a workshop or office, a pool house, or any combination of those. 

These are typically purchased as a way to increase the aesthetic in the yard, as opposed to only increasing storage space. 


Saltbox sheds are similar to craftsman-style sheds, in that they can be designed to match your home if you want. They look like small houses, complete with wood or vinyl siding. But saltbox sheds usually have one side of the roof that is short, and one slope that is much longer, creating a unique appearance. 

But they can be scaled up or down in size depending on the application. Smaller saltbox sheds can be used as playhouses for the kids, while larger ones can accommodate small vehicles like motorcycles or ATVs. 

Shed Materials

Most sheds can be built or bought with a variety of different materials. The most common are wood, vinyl, and metal. 


Vinyl is the cheapest material available for sheds. It’s lightweight and relatively durable. And while it can give the appearance of wood or metal, it doesn’t provide the most elegant aesthetic.

Vinyl sheds are ideal when the budget is the biggest factor and appearance isn’t a big concern. If you just need a small shed, tucked away in the garden for extra storage, vinyl works well.

There’s no upkeep required, as vinyl won’t rot, won’t be damaged by the sun or moisture, and won’t ever need fresh paint or seal on it.


Metal sheds, made from aluminum or steel, are extra durable and will last a long time. While vinyl might melt in the event of a fire, and wood would go up in flames, a metal shed is likely to withstand the event unscathed. 

They provide better security, as they are harder to break into. But they can dent easier since metal sheets are thin. Plus, you may need to treat them every few years to prevent rust. 


Wood sheds provide the best appearance, but at a cost. Wood is heavy and costs more than metal or vinyl. 

But the appearance is second to none, and these types of sheds complement your home and blend into the yard better than their utility-focused counterparts. 

Wooden sheds can be painted or modified with relative ease. But they require the most amount of upkeep in order to protect them from rot, insects, and mold. 

Finding the Right Types of Sheds for Your Home

As you can see, there are many different types of sheds available. Whether you are budget-focused or aesthetic-focused, there’s a shed option for you.

And they can be customized in any number of ways, from siding material to roofing material, along with interior shelving layouts. And the best part is that fully-built sheds are easy to purchase, so no work will be required on your part if you buy from a reputable supplier.

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